Ponderings about the human race.

Well. This should be fun.

I was sat in bed last night, reading through a David Icke book, mostly about vibrations, how everything vibrates at certain frequencies and how people with similar vibrations are drawn to each other. Interesting, but not what Mr Icke is most known for (which is actually quite a shame). What he IS known for however, is his theory about how certain bloodlines run the world, and these bloodlines are linked into a reptillian alien race, in order basically to keep us living in fear, because the aforementioned aliens feed on the emotional responses given out by people who are scared/afraid (perhaps in the same way as some dogs recognise we are scared of them?). Some of the people involved, Icke states, actually shapeshift, manifesting at one time as human, one time as reptillion. As these aliens occupy a different dimensional field to us, they can “possess” a body, whilst not appearing in sight of ordinary human senses. If this sounds far-fetched, look up and read about Dark Matter and Dark Energy, making up about 95% of the universes mass, but it only exists in our dimension when you don’t observe it… or rather it does exist, but not somewhere we are as yet capable of seeing it! However re aliens, given the right circumstances, the right flux in atmospherics, or indeed “emotional” state of the alien, people occasionally are able to see this other Entity.
It’s a great theory, and actually much fun to explore, as if you do the research, there are so many parallel stories in mythology that, Ickes theory certainly holds more water than most of the God delusions still doing the rounds. Almost every religion carries a story of Gods interbreeding with “The daughters of Man”, thus creating a bloodline link. Not that long ago the guy who (in my opinion) ripped off Holy Blood Holy Grail (still an excellent book) to create a story about Jesus having kids and continuing a bloodline. Continuing the Davidic lineage. Kings and Queens are made through bloodlines which give them power.
However… this is just a stimulus to me. As it happened, I had earlier been listening to Re : Evolution , by Terrence McKenna, accompanied by The Shamen, from the old and dusty Boss Drum album. Again this was talking about the effect of vibrations altering neurological processes so that people can come together as a one almost, in a positive way instead of the negative of mass hysteria. Interesting…
And then, oddly enough, my mind wandered back to what I was doing (not who.. i was innocent back then) all those years ago when listening to that for the first time, and I was likely to have just picked up a new Spiderman comic. So, my mind follows the path to Venom. For those who don’t know, Venom is a bad guy. A combination of an alien Entity seeking symbiosis (look it up lol), brought back from space, and a human, both of whom share a hatred for the webbed wonder. The human (Eddy) because his career had been ruined by Spidy’s alter ego, the alien because Spidey had rejected it after discovering that it was actually a sentient alien being wanting to bond with him. Upon the alien finding Eddy, they bond, the alien augmenting everything of Eddy’s, inc strength and his hatred, while actually giving him the same powers as Spidey due to the earlier time the alien spent with him waiting for the right time to bond with him instead.
Quite a mish mash I think you’ll agree.
So… where is all this leading? To be fair, I’m typing this now attempting to complete this writing in some form of coherent structure, so bear with me.
We are animals. Always have been, always will be. This whole society thing is pretty much piffle. It’s a control mechanism set up specifically to do that. Built upon a pyramid structure we are told in a Top Down way what we can and can’t do, what is, and what isn’t acceptable. The more socially “refined” we become, the less we are allowed to do. The more we group ourselves into categories, the more dogma we have set out for us to OBEY. which is all well and good up until you begin to get delusions of grandeur and start to believe you have left the animal behind. You haven’t! Our animal instincts are the ones which make us greedy, make us irrational at times, overtly emotional at others. Fall in love with one person for a while, sleep with someone else as well. Evolution gave us these animal instincts, not even learned behaviour but congenital. The statistic : 1 child in every family with 4 kids doesn’t belong to the husband… doesn’t lie.
So, what we say separates us from the other animals though, is our intellect. But, where did this come from? Throughout early history, man-made some incredible advancements. Language has to be a major thing to have happened to man. Not just verbal, but written too. I read an excellent theory that tribes thousands of years ago stumbled upon flora and fungi which instigated a temporary Synesthesia , which meant that upon hearing a sound, that was interpreted as a vision, or more probably, upon “seeing” something, the person under the influence actually heard a sound, and from then on associated that sound as the name of the creature / object. Meerkats have developed a “language” which does the same thing in that, dependent upon the noise, the type of threat can be determined as ground or air based! It is known early man-made drawings etc but the leaps made to progress to where we are now are still not fully explainable, in the same way as how pyramids were created.
It is my hypothesis that, I can tie all of these ideas together. The presence of no other “intelligent”/”advanced” entities besides us in the universe is statistically impossible. Only human arrogance is capable of convincing ourselves that like Tigger, we’re the only one! but then only human arrogance can label us either intelligent or advanced anyway so I guess one intrinsically links to the other.. lol. Now behind all the piffle and dogma of all the religions you have to believe that because of the hugely similar accounts of the early days of man, there has to be something in that. A base or foundation. As I’ve said before, one of the common themes prevalent throughout many histories is the idea that other entities came and bred with the humans around, forging a bloodline.

What if, instead of meaning physically having sex with, this actually pertains to a joining. A symbiotic relationship, whereby both entities share the same space in a reciprocal synergy. The human Host, becomes augmented, because the alien Entity provides amplification of skills already possessed and adds it’s own capacities to the Host (much like the Venom character). In return the Entity feeds from the energy and/or vibrations given out by the human. Human DNA gives out photons … a type of laser light in fact. Not a strong laser, but a laser nevertheless.. Interestingly we don’t know what about 93-95% of our DNA is actually there for, (remarkably similar numbers to the afore-mentioned Dark Matter etc), so if it emits a power source like that, who knows what else as yet not found is emanating from us. Asides from that though, emotions could easily be a source from which the Entity could draw power. Indeed, this is exactly what David Icke purports is happening, and that the world is manipulated as are we specifically to generate negative energy/emotions, as these provide more than positive ones. This Entity, nowadays, having coexisted with us for centuries, is now referred to as our consciousness. Our Soul if you will. That part of us which exists outside of the corporeal.

So, how does this work? Well, lets look at the idea of an afterlife and a soul. Again, almost all religions have these concepts, and I have discussed quite why I believe they exist (the concepts) in this blog entry from May 6th last year in response to the Zeitgeist film, and how they came about. Now however, I shall throw a new reason into the mix. The Human is a vessel here for the Other Entity. That Entity existed before the human, and will continue to exist afterwards. A consequence of that is residual leakage. The Entity moves from one Host to another, and sometimes leaks information of its past Host into its new one. Hence you have people who appear to have recollections of other lives. They fully admit their flesh is different, so what else could it be but the “Soul” which has passed on with this regularly highly accurate information. The fact that this Entity could be sentient to a point (although perhaps it is instinct driven and i’m anthropomorphizing) means it knows once the vessel it currently occupies dies, it will then have to move on to another. Ergo, the consciousness is aware on some level that it will move on, but we as Human Beings have become so arrogant that we believe it is the individual which will move on just without the body. We forget that personality is tied in with the physical brain and chemicals running through it, and has nothing really to do with consciousness. In fact, it is entirely possible that the Entity might have no concept of “I” at all. Also our personalities are amplified so much that we ignore our instincts both animal and the possible residual information available to us from the Entity.

So what we have is, the animal species Human, coexisting in synergy with an Entity called/thought of as our Soul (as over thousands of years the memory of never not having such a thing is gone in the same way as we forget when we were not Self Aware), Humans benefiting from augmented intelligence superficially, with our societies and technology giving us precedence over the other animals on earth, as we’ve lept through various stages of “Progress”, but creating a hierarchical society still based on animal instincts, (how could it not be), such as greed, power, territory, etc still with all of the actions and interactions of the other species parallel to us, but so far escalated that we now live perpetually in fear and subservient to a way of life which no one asked for, and the “Soul” feeding from every emotion that Humans can experience, having learned that, as Humans intellect expands, so the capacity for emotions increases almost exponentially, ergo providing it with more “fuel”. A self-perpetuating circle.. until something self destructs maybe, or maybe until we become so intellectually advanced that we spot what’s happening. I suspect I know which would come first.
What’s interesting here is that, for myself I would like to think that the Entity involved is neutral to Humans, neither liking or disliking (as i suspect these are purely human animalistic creations and not applicable here to it).
Anyway.. lol.. this isn’t finished… and it is just an expansion on an idea…. not what i am saying IS… but what might be… but i’m out of time… more soon.. lol


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