Global Shwaming, Gods creation of all demoted, and Obama peace prize farce

Ah, it was an entertaining time in the news for sure last week. 1st you have the obvious one. Obama getting the Peace prize when we all know he’d been in office under 2 weeks when the nominations finished. Classic… but that’s really a tad mainstream for me. The name of the puppet changes but the strings stay the same.

However, two rather more interesting things popped up. 1st was a eminent scientist claiming that the translation of the bible which declares God created the earth and the animals and man, actually only reads God created the animals and man. Ah… to me this only makes things worse. Not content with having created and lived with the idea of mythical figure having created the whole shebang, we now have refined it so that God just made us and the animals. Cos… we are that arrogant… even as a species back then, a few thousand years ago, that, although common sense said God never made the earth… because we are an "advanced life form" that we couldn’t have evolved (ok, the concept of evolution wasn’t about then, but you get the idea) naturally. Oh no, we have to have been created! Nice!

2ndly… and i know how much people love this topic, the BBC had to put out an article about global warming… entitled "Whatever happened to global warming?" stating that, as anyone who bothers to do the research knows, there have been no increase in temps for over a decade! That the piece its self was nicely hidden away was amusing, (in an, I’m not surprised because that’s not really the scaremongering you want to put out usually, kinda way), the fact that a link to it which apparently generated over 1million hits, rather more so! Even more entertaining was the Telegraph (High Brow UK broadsheet) article pointing all this out!

You have to say that, for all those who wander through life believing all they are told, by people with agenda’s such as priests, politicians, and profiters, this has to be a bit of a wake up call. But then, it wont happen, and best example of that is the Obama Peace prize thing. People will defend that with vim and vigour, even when presented with the info that the guy had only been in office under 2 weeks. "Oh… but he can do so much good…" resonates round the room. So.. you’re ok basing a Peace prize nomination on what might happen… blind faith… Hopenosis. It’s wrong. The rubbish about global warming being mans fault.. is wrong … and some almighty being creating everything… is wrong! But then… if people can believe in an almighty being who allows Aids, Earthquakes, Tsunami’s etc, and actually CHOOSE to believe that this is a good thing…. well, I guess it’s better than believing in just Mankind. One kid every 10 seconds dies from curable water related diseases because lack of medication / water cleansing. And we allow this why?? Because it costs too much?? Hahahah… I can see why we need something else… someone else…. to believe in. Cos if we looked at ourselves as a species responsible for ourselves, you’d need a higher power to be able to conjour up that amount of forgiveness needed to absolve us all!



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