Ok… I have a Twitter thing set up. Currently it is not finding me on the people search, which is more than a mite annoying, so me being the helpful soul I am, I shall provide you with a link. It is here For the moment, I have to say, I am disillusioned although, even as I type, I am led to believe my exposure has been… err… increased…. and I am now findabubble!

Much new here? Not really. A few nights out have stretched funds a bit, but as the nights draw in, the likelihood of the pair of us wandering the mile and a half trek to the pub very often is diminishing as quickly as the light. Had a wander into what was The Duke in Leiden. Having been refurbed and now run by Marko from Bad Habits it’s reopened as The Duke of Oz. An Australian bar in Leiden. Might seem a bit of an err… upside down (onderstboven??? sounds like that anyway lol) idea but if they get some atmosphere going in there then you never know. Marko is a decent genuine guy, so good luck I say.

Oh, I savaged the house again. Moved the shelves from the kitchen to the bedroom to create what actually looks like a cool clothes rack! The kitchen is now slightly baron looking but… such is life. Am pleased with the bedroom now. 

After quite a lay off I picked up on the Dutch again. Not much but enough to sort of stimulate an effort. I have a gazillion books i need to be reading, not least an Egyptian Prayer Book sent to me by "Her Holiness, Sekhenet-Ma’at-Ra Setep-en-Ra User Hekatawy I, Nisut-Bity of the Kemetic Orthodox faith" (may your god bless copy paste and wikipedia), so there are umpteen distractions, but it seems that almost every other bugger is on a course over here to learn it. I suppose I should make more of an effort, but again, motivation lacks. Not spoken to Es’s parents since the birthday debacle so it’s not like I see anyone I actually need to speak Dutch to, and the "because I can" motivation just isn’t me. I suppose I shouldn’t allow the "everybody else is doing it" thing to get to me either, but sometimes I guess it’s not that bad to be led a little.

Deezer is still messing with the playlist on here… so I apologise if you end up listening to something odd! 

Oh.. and the geocities site is closing. This sucks. My page has been on there for many years. Lots of info, some quite personal stuff too, and links to stuff like the old amazon reviews… all about to get eaten unless I can transfer it to somewhere new. I’ve seriously debated buying a domain name, more specifically "" so that I can have the email address but am not sure I can justify the outlay when most people just pass through here and can mail me via Facebook, here, or gmail (all aliwiseman), as well as now Twitter! However… the email is still cool!

Ok, it’s decended into darkness as I’ve been typing and the wife has vanished within it! Away with me and salutations to all whom pass through. Until next time….

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