Winter cometh

So, what’s new in the world of Wiseman?

Well… Julia’s funeral was all that it could be really. The music was suitably ouchy, but the service was pleasant. It reflected on positives, good memories, and generally left more smiles than tears, which is a testament in its self. The boys held themselves together really well. I don’t know if it is my place to be proud of them, but I am anyway! Not that it makes a difference I guess. On a personal note, I suppose I was hoping that to at least be able to contribute in some way, maybe they might want to lean on me a little. Instead of which, there was a demonstration of strength which fills me with confidence that, they will be ok. I’ll happily forgo usefulness for that knowledge! I think I managed to attain, and I use this word grudgingly, closure, of a sorts. I was reminded a little of when Dad died. I’d already said my good-byes to him years before, and any other encounter would’ve been seen as a bonus, so to speak. The same went with Julia, in that, when I moved from the UK, good-byes were said, and it was entirely possible I’d never have seen her again. Since then, yes we’d met, and I’d introduced her to Es etc etc… even scoffed some of her battenburg.. but again these were like bonuses. The difference is I suppose, I still maintained a relationship via the internet with Julia, whereas with Dad, the only other time I saw him, I was on the streets in Crewe having not eaten for a couple of days, and he pulled a typical West Street Church move, stuck his not insubstantial nose in the air, and walked off. Most days there were interactions with Ju, even if they were just competitive quiz results posted on facebook! That, and the fact that I actually valued Ju being about, made the loss impact me rather more than when Dad died. And of course the shock factor. Dad, I was ready for. Ju… well, i still maintain my original thoughts. It’s wrong. Out of order. But, irreversible. And. I wouldn’t be me if I wasn’t true to how I approach things like this, which is, ask myself, "Can you do anything about it Ali?", answer "No.", and then say, "Well then… move on and deal with stuff you CAN do something about!".  And then I hear lines like "I miss your happiness my friend", from Stalks of Last Years Fruit by Penelope Swales, and just for a few minutes the strong tough unemotional Ali is nowhere to be found, and instead it’s nose blowing time!

Anyway.. on to merrier things. While over in sunny Crewe, i managed to spend some quality time with young master Mike! Some friends you don’t have to see for ages n yet when you do bump into each other, things are pretty much as they were. We sat, had a laugh, a decent waffle n chuckle watched a bit of footie, and caught up a few years! A beer or too with Tony (grr… i mean Anthony!!) and a chance to catch up with Dave from the Cat / Sharon over some beers too, made for a good eve. The afternoon the day before I had a meal with Shaz which was good too. Been a fair old few years since her and I had spoken, and it was really good to just sit and chat. Funny how all those years ago we never had a meal together! I also kept running into Tony Baker, and Joanne’s mum… 3 times!! Eventually I managed to catch up with Jo herself, which was nice! lol. Been a bundle of years again since I’ve seen her.

A few days later and I’m sat on the pc eyeing the thrillingness which is Facebook and Sheridan posts that she is in Hamsterspam. More precisely, she is stuck, due to cancellations of flights. Being only a 20 min train  ride away, Es and my good self head up to keep her entertained. Sheridan was exactly how she was back in Crewe, bouncy, fun, slightly bonkers, and great company. Several hours, and several beers, plus a meal later we send her on her way on the airport, Esther having made a new friend and me having renewed an old one. On returning to Leiden, we wind up in the Kings Bar, and I feel a tad odd. Not liking that, we head home, only for me to wind up with man flu for a few days, and Es to get it pretty much one day behind me. Fortunately it was probably swine flu, so the symptoms were reasonably mild, and it was done in about 4-5 days. 

Twas liberation celebration over this weekend here in Leiden so there were much festivities happening here. Es still being flued up, I headed out alone, only to bump into Denny and Mei, so we took a wander around the fair. Denny being Denny wanted to have a bash on the rides, and me being me jumped at the idea. Not been on rides since Glenda in Oz…. hang on no… that came out wrong… I mean since Glenda took me (steady people!!!) to Dream World (it’s a theme park dammit lmao), so this was muchos funos! Then heading back to the afore mentioned Kings we had a drinky or two. There are some pictures of this mayhem ready to surface, which i shall link to when they appear! was all good fun! 

Okies.. time to fly again. Watched Arsenal take apart Blackburn 6-2 but now there are two books (David Icke and Robert Rankin) sitting looking accusingly at me as I’ve not done the mastermind thing… I’ve started but not finished. With two more Ashers, the new Steven Erikson, and the new Pratchett book also waiting… what am I doing tapping away on here? Toodle pip! lol

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