Julia Horton

I have been wondering what exactly to say about how I feel about Julia having died. Then I read what she said about me when i moved away, and thought, this pretty much fits. I retain the font she wrote it in because I know she used it to make me growl at its awkwardness.. lol… to be able to elicit a response is something she loved, even if it was a growl! 

you will have surmised that there had been a parting of the ways of some sort. You’d be right in thinking that….sort of. 
For over four years
I have been … sharing my life with someone….though not in a romantic, loved up  sense.   Throughout that time people have looked with quizzical eyes at what they thought they saw and drawn their own conclusions.  A few have dared to ask the question…”what exactly is your relationship together?”.  This usually greeted with a smile and one asking the other “do you want to try and explain it”. Generally the answer being no. On one occasion I have attempted to answer and the only description that came to mind – you can’t really get much closer without being in the same skin.    Robin Hood……would you die for? Well, it’s not an impossibility. The term soulmate doesn’t always have to have romantic connotations. We’ve laughed a lot, bickered, cried, incensed, listened, switched off, cared and got verra verra drunk more than a few times. There have been times when even hatred and spite have been there too….but even in those times, and through all the other times….it’s been known without it being spoken of who’d be there to turn to, who’d be the one to stop you hitting the ground when you fell.

She went on to say how she wished me well now that I would be in another place. I guess i’m not the only one now. I’ll miss you.

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