Cor, two blog entries within the space of two days. What’s up with me? Well, I can tell you one thing which is… it’s the lack of an exclamation mark on this here wireless keyboard. Why is there no exclamation mark I here you cry? Well, it’s cos the good woman spattered it with pear cider lol. Unintended I know, but grrr… I LIKE to use exclamation marks. I could’ve used several already. Arrggg…

So, tis Sunday and am mentally psyching myself up for my wanderings around Manc and Crewe. Of course, I still have no idea of exactly what I am going to do with regards the reason why I am going over, because yet again Hamish hasn’t gotten in touch about the books. It’s frustrating as it means if i don’t sort something out, I’ve spent our money on something for me, which hasn’t happened, because yet again someone else has let me down.

Speaking of letting down, I hope the trip to Dantes doesn’t follow the same fate. I know of at least one person now who’s pulled out, which is a shame. It will be nice to be back across the water for a short while. An indulgence of pie, real beer, and possibly more pie is impending. I think also it’s good to get a little blast of the Uk to remind me how much better off I am over here. The politics, the atmosphere, especially in Crewe, will be apparent. The prices of things I will try and not look at, due to the massive rip off over here. If i don’t notice the differences like that, I can’t grumble about them. Much. Maybe.

¬†Speaking of grumbling, Esther is away tomorrow for the week away on her assertiveness/manipulation techniques thing. Now, I’m not grumbling at that but, I am grumbling at what exactly has gone on with the organisation of the course. Get this : Es normally works a 9 hour, 4 day week, where by overtime is paid at 1.3ish on any time over that. Now the course which she is on, requires her to do an 11 hour day, for 5 days. So, the difference between 9*4=36 and 11*5=55 is 19 hours. If we say Es earns 15euros per hour so that increases to 19.5, multiplied by the 19 extra hours, equates to 370euros owed. Will she get that? Nope. Instead they are telling her she WILL have the time back, i.e. she can take a day off, to compensate. So, the monetary value of that is 9*15=135. That is a discrepancy of 235euros purely from that aspect, but I think it is wrong they tell her that she has to have a day off at all. What they have have done is con her out of a shed load of money, and somehow made her think that is ok. If that isn’t an example of manipulating someone, I don’t know what is, so at least it would appear that the people running the course know what they are doing. Right, the next load of washing is crying out to be done, so am away again.

What’s good looking and hangs up…..? Ok.. maybe that only works on a phone. lmao


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