Happy Bday Es!

Tis Esthers birthday! 34 today! Catching me up she is! Increasing her percentage of my age so that statistically, we will be the same age soon, and if she keeps up this rate of increase she must surely pass me within the next 20 years! She’s off for a hair appointment thing at the mo! Looked fine to me but what do i know… lol

So what’s new? Not vast amounts really. I had a fluffed attempt at wallpapering the new bedroom. Point blank wouldn’t work. Was it me, the wallpaper, the paste? Who knows! Either way it tore every time so I was not best impressed. My shoulder still hurts. I went back to Ninjutsu probably too early and annoyed it again. I think it was slightly dislocated before, but who knows. It’s sure as hell taking its time sorting its self out. In actual fact I’m a touch disillusioned with the training anyway, but that could just’ve been my mood. Sleep disturbed nights due to mosquitoes don’t help! 

I’m off to the uk in the next couple of weeks. The plan is to collect a bunch of books, and get them posted over to here. Whether that comes off is kind of dependent upon others though, so I’m not going to get my hopes up. Staying with Les in Manchester for a few days, hopefully including a visit to see Mammal, and then taking a couple of days in Crewe, and there take in the sights of Dantes, the new rock bar there in place of 21-12! Esther is away on a work dohicky for a few days too, so the timing is good as Es wouldnt be here anyway. Then she’s flying over for the weekend. 

Am quite pleased with how the moving of the stuff round the house has worked. Seems we have more space than  we thought. 

Ah i forgot! Deezer has messed again with the music on here so the playlist you’ll get playing here isn’t exactly how i set it up. I think it’s still the same songs.. but it appears to be on random, which i suppose makes it interesting if you call back to the site a few times! Thinking of music.. a big shout out should go to Denny… who sorted my guitar strings! Ta muchly! 

Hmm.. i was going to have a rant about enforced flu vaccinations which are just around the corner.. lol… but i sharnt! Is sharn’t a word? I don’t care! All I’ll say is they won’t be sticking me full of needles any time soon! I see Scottish water has been unfortunate enough to be deigned to "need" fluoridation! They managed to do it so it didn’t go through the parliamentary debate! Cleverly done. Whisper was the Nazi’s had plans to add fluoride to water supplies so as to keep the population supplicant and pliant. No Alistair No… this is to be a blog free of rants and angst! 

Hmmm.. I think the last sentence has cramped this blog somewhat! So, all that remains to be said is, nice start to the season Arsenal (and Crewe), keep it up in Mancville! Am thinking I may not take my shirts with me to Manchester. Better a live chicken than a dead hero!

Till next time

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