bye bye july

Well, it looks from this that nothing happened at all in july here in sunny Leiden, but that’s not really true. 

We’ve bought a laptop, mostly so that we can connect it up to the big tv, and watch streamed stuff in divx on a good size screen together without having to fart about either sitting at the pc or moving the pc to accommodate the tv! First up was an episode of Psychoville, which i have to say was just as odd as i hoped it would be, it being the new offering from the League of Gentlemen, with the addition of dawn French, which is generally always a good thing. Of course, to go with the laptop, we needed a wireless keyboard and mouse, so that moving from the sofa was never ever needed again! However, as the dongle thing is a little fragile it seems only right to protect it by plugging it into the main pc when the laptop is not in use. Hence.. I’m now sat on the sofa typing to the main pc, cant really see what  i’m typing and am hoping a good bout with the spell checker afterwards will amend all of my errors! 

We hit the Hague on the weekend, in the hope of buying some stuff from the British shop there. Frankly the place was god awful. The Tuckerbox in Leiden is excellent for British goods, and with the exception of lockets has most of the stuff we’re after, cept for good pies, but then this place had none either. One bottle of real ale was all they had in the way of.. err.. real ale.. (well ok then bottle conditioned but you get my drift!!) yet the website promised much much more. Kelly’s is the name, and my review of Kelly’s British shop Den Haag The Hague, would consist of a couple of words, "Ropey", and "Pants"! However, our journey was not in vain, as the American book shop (not store dammit! lmao) housed many a treat. Robert Rankin books, of which we brought home "Necrophenia", David Icke books, of which we brought back "Infinite love is the only truth, everything else is illusion", and Neal Asher books, "Prador Moon" finding it’s way into mijn zakje!

There is also a pub in The Hague called the fiddlers arms, which allegedly sells hand pulled cask conditioned ales. So, we saught that out, only to find that there was a sign on the front saying "closed for july!". Not impressed. So, we headed home rather disillusioned (or just illusioned if you believe mr Icke) with the trouble we’d gone to only to find that both reasons we went to The Hague in the first place let us down. However, upon our return we wandered into the Kings in Leiden for happy hour beers all day monday, only to not get out of there until closing in on 12 midnight after playing several hands of the old poker! And, a good time was had by all!

Previously on the Friday, i’d been feeling a bit blurg for no particular reason. Isabelle, a lass from the pub was leaving Leiden, and after much deliberation about bobbing down for a farewell pint, I did, leaving Es at home. It should be pointed out that, it was nearly 11pm when i went out, and, at about 12.15a.m. with the pub supposedly emptying I headed next door to Brothers of Beer (now with the label HardRock Cafe Leiden bestowed) for a reflective bottle and to head home. As it happened I wound up chatting to Remi til gone 3a.m. who mysteriously conjured beers for me, and even a shot or two of something which I didn’t ask questions about. So, I wandered away from there far later than intended only to see lights still on in the Kings! So, back in I wandered. After being invited to smoke weed and watching a possible fight fade away, having a good waffle and chuckle, it turned 6a.m! Now, the last time I was out til that time was probably New Year in the Giff, and I most certainly wasn’t married! Still, Es was awake when i got in, and i think was startled by my coherence. I think it actually did me good. I didn’t exactly let off steam and get drunk, but i did maintain 7 hours of conversation to people other than her for the first time in a while. It was, oddly, a healthy experience. 

Jacki from the Kings has also buggered off! Denny has gone to climb a mountain somewhere in Thailand, so in reality this month has been a set of goodbyes. Tuesday saw the anniversary of dad dying! The time has flown by. I don’t really know how the others were and didn’t ask. Probably safer for  me not to get embroiled in that again. No whisky in the house for it, which is an oddity in its self as there is usually some in somewhere. I would be lying if I said I miss the guy, cos simply, I don’t, but I do wonder sometimes what he would’ve made of me being settled and married. Or even married and settled! 

On the subject of family, (gee) Lois has appeared on facebook. Andrew is on there too, and has accepted Iain and Hamish’s friend request but not mine. However Lois isn’t on his list either so i should probably not read too much into that! Might be a case of locking the door and leaving the window open! Did a Skype waffle with sis a few days back about this that and possibly the other too. 

I’ve mangled my arm a little at ninjutsu. *rolls eyes* Didn’t hurt until after so I think it’s just internal bruising, but it’s kept me from training over the last two Mondays! Very annoying. It’s not a sharp pain, and I’ve done all the angulation and rotation stuff, so it’s not broken in my humble opinion, unless it’s something like a hairline fracture. It’s shoulder / collarbone so I guess it’s possible, but there is no way I am paying for a doc to send me to the hospital when all they’ll say is rest it. Actually I’m a touch mad about that! It’s another Dutch thing. Apparently I can’t just go to A and E, I have to see a doc who will refer me! I feel like catching the bus to Dover and getting it checked out there! grrrr!

Oooh, and I nearly forgot. Neal Asher again. Picked up Orbus for about 13 euros. that’s probably about 17euros less than it’s normally priced over here, (Gabbleduck is 30+), so I was a happy bunny! The Rankin book I mentioned earlier was a full 20 euros cheaper than when I saw it in Amsterdam too, a few weeks back. 

Ah.. and we hit the cinema somewhere over the month too, to watch "Drag me to Hell", which was excellent. I duly went along with Es too to see the Harry Potter film, which I thought was pants, asides from a certain Fast Show member making me laugh from memories of performances past! 

And so on the 28th, after the riveting goings on, I did something I’d been thinking about for a few weeks. Moved the house around. Where once stood a fridge and dryer, now resides a bed, and a clothes rail. The computer desk moved rooms, second sofa pushed forward and the dvd rack went missing like Alex Hleb at Barca! Interestingly this worked out rather well, means the bedroom is now smaller and easier to decorate, and, we have a spare(ish give or take the fridge/dryer) room which could house a guest whereby they could get to bathroom/loo/kitchen without having to come past our bedroom, or of course, it could become a nice little room if we decide to increase! The house feels fresher again. With the addition of some pictures, and possibly a lick of paint or maybe wall paper it will be ready for another winter. 

Ok.. this has turned into something altogether too lengthy, something which I know can annoy.. lol… so am away. 

Happy August people!

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