So where do I start

Ah it’s been a busy couple of weeks! So, what’s gone on, i hear you the reader cry, avidly leaning forward to gulp in what’s new in the world of Wiseman.

Well, we did go see Cat, Fox, and the Style dogs who were not bad. Denny couldn’t be heard which sucked but the music was fun. I think we had an indian again in Everest in Lieden, which was excellent. Prawn Cylon i seem to remember. All good stuff!

I found me a dojo. Nimpojutsu in the same group as Alf’s in Crewe. Went down for a night to try it out and enjoyed it hugely. The first guy i spoke to was italian, and spoke little dutch, and everyone else there spoke english to me and made me feel welcome. Excellent.

I get home, to find that a friend has been online and asked if i’m interested in a full time job at the pub i frequent!  An interesting idea, but one loaded with choices to go with it. Full time would interfere with the new dojo training. It would also mess with our tax system, which at the moment benefits us quite nicely. The money, although probably better than what i’d get in the uk for the same hours,  is ok, but not actually needed, as we’ve survived happily up until now with no problems. Plus, we’d be going from us being at home together 7 nights a week, to my training taking 2 nights, and then the pub taking at least 3 more! Quite a change in the dynamic of the way the house exists.  So i had to sit, and think about it. In the meantime a few more training sessions happened, ending in me winding up having a drink afterwards with two guys from the club. Good fun! And i was reminded of the last time I tried to get back into martial arts, and wound up living in the Kings Arms in Crewe and not being able to train!

And so the time came for me and the chap who offered the job to chat. I’d decided that, after having talked everything through with the wifey… I was going to say no to the job, but felt abit crappy really as this guy had gone out of his way to offer it to me. I explained out my reasoning, and he then offered me the position but with more managerial orientation. Again this appeals to me. I’ve managed pubs before. Lived in, run them, ordered and audited, stock controlled and staff rotated. I loved it. But was it worth upsetting the status quo at home, especially after having been training, each time I’d come home late Es was still up/awake, yet had to be up early for work next day herself. Again he said think about it, and i put it to a couple of people I know. Most said, you know what’s more important to you, the job or the life you have and the now new social aspect of the martial arts as well as the training. I’d be lying if i said the choice was easy straight away, but in hindsight, it becomes more sensible the more i look at it. The issues with tax and insurance benefits etc were factors, but at the end of the day if something isn’t broken there’s no need to fix it, and so I turned it down. I hope I didn’t piss the guy off too much by not taking the job, it was great that he thought of me!

So i shoot off to the next set of training, only to rip my pants clean open at the crotch! Now.. i don’t wear underwear, so imagine how fortuitous it was that, in a strange air of inexplicability, i donned a pair of undies before heading out! Fortunately I was leant a pair of pants to go home in.

Actually since then, we had a really good night out, part in the Kings where the job was offered, and part in Brothers Of Beer in Leiden (next door near enough to the Kings n spitting distance from Everest), where by i finally got my pool game together and won somewhere in the region of 12 games in a row, much to the annoyance of the barkeeper, as he was one of the thwarted! All this after having spent the day in Amsterdam and having had Beef and Yorkshire pudding in O’Rileys and kilkenny! All good stuff.

Twists and turns are always interesting. I wonder what i’ll think when i look back in a year at this. Hmm!

Asides from all that, my sister called by to say hi, along with 4 of her kids and Paul. They called by again the next day too.. and are apparently heading over on thursday for another flying visit. That’ll take the total number of visits from Su to the same as all of Esther’s friends visits (and she didnt want to borrow the playstation! lmao) and outdo the majority of visits from Esther’s family too. Not bad considering they live 1500k’s away instead of about 30! It still baffles me how it seems ok for us to go over there about once a month but not the other way round. It baffles me more that Es is ok with it too, but then i suppose I cant exactly comment on relationships with family! I guess i just want more for her than what’s gone on with my lot. *rolls eyes* That’s not hard though in all fairness!

Right my back hurts and this regularly doesn’t post so.. let the battle commence to publish my musings!


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