Rabbits and hares

Ok… so it’s a day late! lol!

Well, what’s new in the world of the Wiseman? Not vast amounts. Upon retun from Vegas Es had a few days spare still and so we wound up out and about, one night having a seriously good curry at a place called Everest Tandoori in Leiden (search engine promo lol). Then, a couple of days later we watched Middlesborough get rellegated and ended up watching Angels and Daemons wth Denny and May, and then winding up in Brothers Of Beer next door to the Kings Bar!

Surprisingly neither of us had a tan from our Vegas exploits, but now we do. Well… more of a burning actually.. lol. We went for a wander at a place unpronouncable through some woodland and dunes and got shallow fried! Considering the temp was at least 10, closer to 15f less than Vegas and we were only out for a couple of hours it was bafflingly impressive. Me being me, took the camera with me, in a bag on my back. The consequences of this are now there for all to see should i bare my back (like in the gym). Suspicious looking lines where the bag straps were. Suspicious in that… it loooks like i have a bikini line! grrr! lol Es has similar, but with slightly better reason than me!!

Seems like we have a band to go to on friday. The afore mentioned Denny is playing lead for a band called "Cat, Fox, and the Style Dogs"! Should be a giggle! Then off to Es’s mum’s birthday. I forget her age.. i think it’s 60 this time but it might be 59! Probably best i find that out beforehand! lol

Right.. machine is beeping at me so best sort the drying out before it shouts at me. 

Is it amused? I didn’t think so!


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