Vegas : The Wiseman’s return!

Mutters… ah this has changed formats again so I can no longer add entries on dates gone by, so i’ll have to log dates as I go!

Okay… So… We’re back! Alive, well, no pig flu, standard sore throat from flights but that’s it! I have a bit of a browning going on, as does E, but no major burning which is surprising as there wasn’t a day under 90f and at least one day at100f +.

Monday : 

So, we headed out to Hamsterspam Airport on the Monday a.m. Heading to the Irish bar on the airport i had a breakfast of Murphy’s stout and sausage sandwiches with Es having coke and something not quite as palatable, so I’ve forgotten it! Flight to Philadelphia was fine although landing was pretty bouncy due to turbulence! Filled faces with Fish and Chips and Sierra Nevada Pale Ale at the Olde Philadelphia Tavern on the airport where we bumped into Tamara and Adrian, one a WOW fan, the other a published Egyptologist known formally (according to wikipedia) as Her Holiness, Sekhenet-Ma’at-Ra Setep-en-Ra User Hekatawy I, Nisut-Bity of the Kemetic Orthodox faith, and founder and current head of Kemetic Orthodoxy and the House of Netjer, which is nice! We waffled for a good while about alsorts of stuff until twas time to wander away, only to find that our gate had been changed! Still all was well and we headed off into the sun! Hooora! (heavy on the “Ra” for our earlier company’s sake!). Face broke out again but managed to contain the infection. was mostly gone by Friday

Landed happily in Vegas, watched a house episode in flight from my phone, trip to the hotel on the bus was eventful as there was a merry ole lass at the back of the bus being loud and playful. Checked in at The Sahara Hotel & Casino, where by our room was instantly upgraded upon mention of how far we’d travelled, so that, when I said “I’m led to believe if we ask nicely you might upgrade us” the person behind the desk said “Tis already done!”. Sorted! Ripped! Lets Off Road!!

The room its self was… absolutely fine. Two double beds instead of a king, but wasn’t a problem. One bed housed our “to hand” stuff”, the other, us! The TV worked well. Cable gave us Law and Order, Boston Legal, Grey’s Anatomy etc etc! All good. No sign of bed bugs, nor dirt, a bath, a shower, all clean fine and dandy! We grabbed a drink, had a wander, then curled up for the night!


Sahara Room Vegas

Tuesday :

Off to McMullans Irish Bar / Pub at silly o’clock for Arsenal v Man U! Took a bit of getting to but got there in the end! Caught the monorail to MGM and then discovered we “couldn’t walk it” so wound up in a taxi! Frankly we were awful! I hope Arsene Wenger takes some notes from this as we have been deserving of a sound lesson for some time now to show quite how far off we are from the top teams! Had a laugh with other fans there, had Boddies to drink, and a steak and mushroom pie for me, steak sandwich for Es. Then, off to the Las Vegas outlets, where Es found…. not lello, but PINK bars! grrr… zx7020s! And cheaper than a cheap thing at close to £20! Also found a dress in the Adidas shop, which was cute too! Day was spent wandering here and there and generally just relaxing!

Ali and Esther at McMullans in Vegas

Wednesday :

Off to MuMullans again for the Chelsea game via Starbucks for breakfast in New York New York! Chicken curry pie for me, and an over dressed Caesar salad for Es in McMullans today! This time Chelsea were robbed! Badly. Another argument for match fixing me thinks! We wandered into The Orleans while in that area, and were so impressed we came back after the game, and wound up watching Wolverine there! Trotted across to the Luxor, which was a bit pants really! Made a new boobs pic in Mandalay Bay, wandered about in Excalibur and had to chuckle as the All Cried Out version by Fink played in the background! Nice! Again, seriously toasty day!

The Orleans

Thursday :

Off we trundled to the Premium Outlets shops. Had a cracking breakfast / lunch of spicey chicken / chicken with jalapenos with rice from the food court there! Es got jeans, top and shorts, and I got swimming shorts to save the people from Speedos! Wasn’t really anything for me there cos I’m a bugger to shop for! had a shufti in the Riviera and wandered about a bit, then back to the Sahara for slots. Was tired, tried to order a pint from the waitress who claimed she had no idea what a pint was, so Es got a drink and I didn’t! Went out to the pool which was lovely. Not too busy, not to big. Actually ideal! Why people on Trip Advisor have moaned about the place I have no idea!

Alistair Wiseman

Friday :

Made a point of going to the Hard Rock Cafe. For anyone else reading this and considering it…. Don’t bother. Boring as Hell, Dexy’s Midnight Runners playing wasn’t, isn’t, will never be hard rock. The cafe it’s self is not part of the hotel, and…. get this.. there is a dress code! for a “Rock” place. No vests / sleeveless shirts! Bizarre! Seriously, it’s a long way out of the way and is such a let down! Avoid!

Instead.. wander over to Monte Carlo’s Brew Pub! Music was rock, and the food was great! Prices were a tad steep but that’s life!

After eating there we headed across to the Venetian, where we grabbed an Indoor gondola trip, while having that song from the Ice Cream advert sung at us by a lass with a seriously pretty voice, and then headed up to Freemont Street for the “experience”. The Queen display was good fun! *warbles “We will rock you” and chuckles*. Newcastle Brown to drink. All is good!

Esther and Alistair Wiseman Venetian Gondola

Saturday :

Asked at Sahara desk if they knew when ESPN zone opened, only for the lass to claim she’d never heard of ESPN and what is it. Now.. asides from ESPN being the major sports channels in the states, and the sports bar in vegas being huge (over 100 flat screen tv’s), the woman was sat opposite the Sahara’s own sports bar where ESPN channels were in abundance. It was about this time that I was finally really fed up with interaction with anyone in the Vegas “help”  type business, because it appears, you have to ask them something at least twice, and then they answer not the question which you asked, but what they think you want to know, eg: “Do you know what time X opens”, will gain the reply “Y opens @ 10pm”. The answer is a yes or no. It’s simple! ArrgggG!!

Anyway, the day was spent wandering here, there, and everywhere, drinks in Rock House (Bud Lite Lime!!) Newcastle Brown at Trader Vics again, and a Prime Rib dinner at Circus Circus which was great!

Trader Vics Las Vegas

Sunday :

Wandered about a bit more ! Breakfast of 2 giant hotdogs in Circus Circus! Big ass hotdogs! lmao! Today was just wanderings really, and sampling of the Sin City Brew Pub Stout and Pale Ale / Wheat beer. Tea at Binions was Prime rib again and was huge!!

Sin City Beer

Monday :

Took in Treasure Island, Caesars Palace, and Mirage, all much of a muchness really. Watched Newcastle v Middlesbrough in Caesars then headed off and watched Star Trek, then off to Tamba Indian restaraunt where we both had Rogan Josh, which was very good! You’ll notice that entries for days are smaller now as we’d basically looked everywhere and were just wandering to take in atmosphere!

Esther enjoying the food the day before

Tuesday :

Knowing this was our last day we thought we’d have a lazy day in preparation for travelling! Headed down to the Monte Carlo for food at the Brew Pub again only to find it closed! grrr! Hit Starbucks instead and had coffee & muffin with Es having Tea and Brownie!, which I followed up with 2 jalapeno pretzel dogs! On the bridge over by MGM Es hand fed a sparrow. Cheaky thing she was too! (Sparrow, not Es lol).  Then, off back to the Sahara for the pool and relaxation with cocktails and swimming! Toasted Wiseman’s we were! The headed to an Italian restaurant for a pretentiously priced meal, only to wind up eating just the meat as the veg looked like it’d been digested twice already! Esther says her meal was good, but only ate about a third of it, and that two looked like intestines of pig mixed with jellyfish! (Was a lobster pasta thing). The meal cost near on what we spent all day the day before, and for myself i just cant justify it! I’d prefer hotdog and the cash thank you very much but in an effort to be more sophisticated I got my just deserts, which was being blatantly exposed as just not cut out for that sort of thing. I feel sorry for Esther in stuff like that cos i hold her back. Earlier on in the week I’d lost my cool over another meal and left without ordering, telling her she should go do her own thing cos again my idiosyncrasies mixed with eating out problems and issues with cost finally got the better of me. Needless to say we walked about a bit til we wound up going elsewhere that time, but here I just ate the meat and was left looking silly, as i’d already enquired as to what the veg was. Not eating it all further exacerbates my annoyance at the price too. grrr!

Then back through the casino, couple of drinks, and back upstairs, where sleep completely avoided me, and Es had a few hours! 

Esther Wiseman             Alistair Wiseman                           

Wednesday :

4a.m. wake up. Wash hair and away we go! Flight to Philadelphia was easy! Probably the best flight I’ve been on. Food in a Rock bar on the airport was burger n chips, and a pint of Bass! Then, with a 2 hour delay and a House episode watched before take off, we headed home. Some drunken fruitcake on the plane was being an asshole, but other than that, all was well.

View from the plane

So.. We had fun. Weather was great, Sahara was excellent, I was awkward company at times, but Es seems to like that lol. I have to say, it wasn’t as fun as last time. I think the fact that money plays such a huge part in being there played on my mind. The opportunity to buy a meal at $80 is next door to a similar one for $12, as is the chance to play machines @ 1c per spin or $10 per spin. We never saw a show which again i feel responsible for, but i simply don’t think  $140 for 90 mins is worth while! This serves to remind me at times of the differences between Es and me. I guess I need to work on letting go of some of these things, but to me, it’s things like this that’s allowed me to survive in this world.

And so we’re back. Rested(ish) and ready to head back to daily life here in Leiden. No more riding the Deuce, no more Enchanted Unicorn, but two cats and a familiarity of home, where the sound of parakeets drift in through the window and the washing needs to be done. We had fun, as I said before, but in all honestly… it’s nice to be home!


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