Weight off my mind.

Mutters, I’m annoyed with this. It decided not to post the first time I wrote it, so now I have gto do it again.

In my quest to manage to get below 12 stone before Vegas, we’re off to the gym again tonight! The all singing all dancing scales seem to fluctuate far to much. One Day I’m 12.5, the next I’m at 12.1. Either way, I’m still not under the magical number 12! Still, there’s a week or so to go, so with a little bit of sweat and work…

It’s nice to report that, it appears I’ve finally shook off the scary infection thing that has hounded me for over a year on my cheeks. It manifested its self in all seriousness last time we were in Vegas, so am hoping that this time, it will decide to stay sorted so that, I can grab some pictures without the silly belly, and without the silly cheeks!

I can almost see the shaking of the heads…. lol!

Off to the grandparents house on the weekend for Opa’s birthday.  Handy that, Gran is “Oma”, Granddad, “Opa”. One of the few simple sets of words over here! We were at Oma’s birthday a few weeks ago and it was remarked upon that I was more animated than usual. This was because the in-laws were there, so i had other people I could communicate with. I think I like having grandparents. Especially grandparents who don’t understand me. It makes it less likely I’ll cause arguments! hehe!

Okies… well, while fiddling with skype settings I managed to swipe a pic so am going to add it here as the one of me looking like a gnome below is.. well… gnomelike!! Which reminds me, I owe the blog a vogeloozit album! Bad Me! Lets see if it posts this time! grr…



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