Another year gone!

Well, another year has passed. I will be 35 tomorrow and time seems to be flying by. It’s been over a year since the Vegas trip, and that just doesn’t seem possible! However… as it appears we need a refresher, we’re on our way back. We shall be in Vegas from may 4th to 13th, staying at the Sahara this time, landing back in Amsterdam on the morning of the 14th, doubtless more than a little tired, but hopefully toasted nicely! This time there is no agenda, merely rest and relaxation for Es, and a good dose of sun. It would be nice to see the grand canyon but, that’s a decent distance away. Going via Philly again but this time we wont have the day there either way, which is fine, as we’ve no-one there this time to meet anyway!

The hotel pool is looking like the fav destination! Been a while since I last swam… it was probably in Australia with Glenda in a scary pool which probably had more snakes in it than you can shake a stick at… so I guess i’m gonna need swimwear!!! lol Am not sure about that! Last time I wore a speedo i was more than a little toned than I am now, although the gym has taken a few kilos from me. Phantom is playing somewhere. Would be quite a thing to say casually in years to come.. "Oh phantom… yeah, we saw that in Vegas!". Am not like that usually, but once in a while wouldn’t hurt. lol

Speaking of the gym, we bought some scales, and with great trepidation I jumped on them, only to be pleasantly surprised! I was normal/average on all elements. Puzzled? Yeah i was too, but, these scales were super dooper things which measure muscle mass, water retention, and fat! Snazzy huh!? Had I have jumped on the scales mid november i think it might’ve told me my fat was slightly up, but now tis all in the right parameters! he gym is only 800 meters away so that’s good, and the people there are friendly, or if they’re not, I don’t understand them anyway.. lol!

The more astute of you may have noticed that the music on here when you view the front page has altered. This is due to jolly old Deezer fighting with the law re music rights, so for now 70% of my playlists are down! Which, frankly, sucks! Sort it out eh? lol Actually I’ve been considering plopping a song into each blog entry to capture the mood of the piece, but am wary that maybe on the front page it would attempt to play all of the blog entry songs visible. *mutters.. damned thing*.

I should really add a couple of pics on here of how the house looks at the mo. is different again from how it was. Lot’s of greenery adorn tables, windowsills and indeed the drier! I really like how the ‘puter looks on the new desk, and just hope it stays looking like a new desk! Puss likes the scanner a tad too much though, and am reminded of the monitor in wolves, decorated in various shades of cat (depending on the.. err…. cat!!).

Well, sun is out, last night storm has vamooshed, so i may go grab a beer on the balcony and read the next instalment of the Steven Erikson books. Noticed that there are now 4 Asher books about that I’ve not read. The newest, is on sale for 30euros here, and for that much, it can carry on sitting exactly there. there was talk of going and getting my books from Hamish’s but, that seems to have fizzled out and besides, we’ve a Vegas to go to!

So.. until i’m, half way to my 3 score year and 10… or maybe even later… Tot Ziens!


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