Time flies!

Well…. seems like madness that this time last year I was getting up in a hotel in Vegas. Where did the time go? on the 7th we will have been married a year, and it doesn’t feel possible. 2 years ago i was cleaning toilets out in order to fund a flat, and yet yesterday i built a desk and a bookshelf to make one of our rooms look far more cosy and welcoming than it was. Besides.. we needed the book space! The computer looks far better now, and the keyboard is at a far better hight for me..although i think we may need a new chair for E as she’s shorter than me and used to an all singing farty desk set up at work with ergonomical this, that, and the other!

Was an odd day on March 1st. Iain, Hamish and Su all spoke! That just doesn’t happen. Closing in on 2 years since Iain and me communicated, and the same for Hamish too. Must be something in the water?! Speaking of family… chuckles.. the new members of the tribe i mentioned in the last blog seem to have shown their blood ties. Immediately after having spoken with mother, both Su and myself were removed from friends lists on facebook by Lorraine Parsons, (Marie Nubbert’s brothers spawn), much to my annoyance. Sometimes I should allow my nastier side to take control and maybe I should never have forwarded the info to my sis so then this couldn’t occur. But… as ever, i do something nice for the family and get shat all over! Still, at least Su was deleted too! Misery loves company! hehe


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