Family Fun Filled Frivolity

Seems deezer is getting cross with the whole playlists thing and has now killed quite a few of the tracks which I had playing. Not impressed! HAd a lovely migraine thing for the last 36 hours and am just waiting for the eye to stab, then it’ll be gone.

Am mildly amused. Had contact over the last month with Carol Nubbert, the lass who was researching mothers family tree. Seems mothers mother had an unknown brother, Charles Mead, and his grand daughter has instigated contact with Carol, and then subsequently, me. Ironic really that i should find out details of my mothers family while she has done all she can do destroy my own family relationships through lies and actions.

I suppose, the measure of myself is that I told Su about it, which of course opens the trail back to mother via Su’s daughter. I could’ve just not said anything. Part of me wanted exactly that. I wonder if she’ll remember when this other family get in touch that, if it wasn’t for me, she’d still not even know her grandfathers name?

Had message from Glenda telling me Jack wants me to get in a helicopter to come see him! Seems she’s enjoying the nurse thing she’s doing, and has aspirations for what she will do once competed. Good Good!

And me? Am still failing miserably to motivate myself to get stuck into the dutch. I seem to go through spates of digging in, then leaving alone. At least things are sticking though these days. Less of what’s said sounds like the speaker has neurological problems these days, although the structure still appears bonkers. I suppose it’s an exercise for thinking outside the box? I can’t help but think, I’ve played the stupid geography game, (one subject i freely admit to being rubbish at), and have somehow mastered recognising over 50 country flags, and 40 country shapes, so if I can find a way to input dutch the same way as I have the flags…? Perhaps i should eye open office’s spreadsheet function and see if I can design a set up on there? Hmm!

Right.. coffee time


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