I fancy suing my parents for Murder

Sounds like a plan! Although, with my father already being dead, i’m guessing that should be singular. That’s fine. I don’t like my mother anyway!

So, now I’ve got your attention, do you, the reader, know of any good lawyers. It’s my mother you see. She’s killed 5 people, and is currently directly responsible for at least 14 others as a result of her actions. Impressive huh? And you all gasped at the horror of me not liking the woman earlier!

See, it’s like this. I have, from my mother, gained 3 brothers and a sister. Were that my father was still alive, this would increase by one. But he isn’t. So it won’t. All of which, were planned children. All of whom, because of her actions, are now guaranteed to die.

My mother was in her mid twenties when she started popping out my siblings. I on the other hand, was born on her 39th birthday. As i recall, I didn’t have much say in the matter. This, as far as I’m aware, is a trend she followed not just with me, but with the others too. We were expunged! Extruded! Forced into the world without so much as a by your leave.

By that age, (mid twenties), I think it’s safe to say that she was aware that, she was mortal. Being a God fearing woman she knew well the consequences of living on this earth. Original sin, and eternal damnation awaiting those of us who do not follow umm.. *insert deity here*.

And yet, cognitively, she chose to create, not one, but FIVE new entities to bring into the world, knowing that ultimately these beings will suffer, degenerate, wither, and die. All because of her actions. She knew that by her actions, she condemned 5 beings to their separate deaths, deaths which could have been avoided.

In fact… she knew all this, before even beginning on the task of creation of these entities.

If that’s not preconceived… I don’t know what is!!

And so now I sit here. Trapped in an existence I didn’t ask for. Enchained in a mortality which tortures my imaginary soul. Clothed in a body which even yesterday sought to remind me of its fragility, via the medium of a cheese slicer and my own thumb.

Someone needs to be held responsible. That person, has to be my mother. For the deaths of my brothers, my sister, my nephews and nieces, and ultimately, myself as well, there has to be recompense! She has killed before, and considering the way my family breeds, she will, indirectly, doubtless kill again.

Get me my lawyer, and let justice take its course!


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