Mildly annoyed at a couple of Holland quirkies!

… possibly the wrong word. lol Incandescent might come closer at times. We bought a microwave a few days ago, which I must admit was my idea. I’ve missed the facility to "nuke" things, be it Stag Chilli, Xmas pudding (of which I have just indeed partaken of…), or baked spuds. The micro was on offer.. wasn’t all singing all dancing, just a simple thing that’ll save ass loads of time on stuff. We get to the counter to but the thing and the woman swipes Esther’s card, and then asks her her name, and then her address, to which I ask… why does she need your name n address?? She’s buying a microwave ffs!! Turns out that they don’t require it at all, but E had already given both out happily with no questions asked. And people wonder why they get credit card scams. But wait, there’s more. A nice subtle little surcharge was added to the price. Nearly 10% of the value of the microwave was added on! Why?? A recycling tax??!! Apparently it’s to pay for disposal of old items which this one was replacing, or perhaps for the disposal of this one after it’s done. I forget which but i think it was the first! I was fuming! If the price on the item say X pounds… or rather Euros… then that’s what you should pay. I wouldn’t have bought it had it have been just me, simply because the cost of the item is not that which it is advertised at! I have something of a theory about it. I suspect that, holland has fallen into the trap, not of blaming fruit, but of becoming a lovely little place where everyone pays by credit card, and basically they pick up their item, swipe their card, and it’s done. The extra chunk, 9 times out of ten, wont even be noticed. Nice quick way to make a profit me thinks. Not a happy bunny.

And then there’s today. Revelling in the glory that is the microwave, I went out on a mission for spuds. Potatoes. Aardappels. Oh yes… tuna and baked spuds was looking hopeful for tea, and xmas pudding maybe afterwards. but.. No chance. I went to a green grocers and a main supermarket, neither of which wanted to see loose potatoes. Buy them in 5 and 10 pound bags I could, but not able to pick ones out for myself was I. I felt myself leaning to the dark side, and so, returned home to molest the pudding earlier than expected. Of course, i had to eat first, how can you have any pudding if you don’t eat your dinner.. so I made cheese butties. And succumbed to the evil that is the cheese slicer, nicely lopping off the edge of my left thumb! I’m hoping that there is no cheese detritus wedged in the wound!

However, all is not bad. I have to say we’ve also picked up a printer, which makes lovely photo prints. Very impressive. And, we went out and joined the gym properly, so soon am hoping to be back to how I used to look! Give or take an inch or two on the waist! Also.. I’ve installed G.I.M.P, which is a seriously good piece of free art package type thingy! And.. we went out Monday… had a good day all ways round, lovely duck meal, few drinks, and generally had a good day. I’d been ill for the week before, so it was good to be up, about, and healthy.

So.. now all i have to do is suss out this thing again. Yet more changes to the format have occurred, and the wifey is home so my tea making skills are required, so.. if this doesn’t come out right.. it’s not my fault


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