Modern Times, Obama, Gaza, and Ban Ki-Moon

I cant help but chuckle. I’ve sat here just reading about how the UN gen Sec has moaned lots about the destruction in Gaza, and is insisting on a big ole investigation. But.. this is after the ceasefire. After the destruction.

If any other country, say for example Iran, decided to do what Israel did to Gaza.. there would be zillions of sanctions, talks of invasion doubtlessly, and other such things. But,in this world, in modern times, people excuse happenings, allow things to happen, and then comment afterwards, especially when its possible that, if they were to speak out/do something before it ends, it might leave themselves open to attack. That kind of stinks of double standards. Wrong is wrong. It should be portrayed as such, and dealt with as such.

And then, the tv happens upon jolly old Obama being inaugurated, and I chuckle again. Do people really truly believe that this guy is going to alter anything? He comes proffering hope… but hope is an illusion. Hope exists always in the future, never in the now, and is used like a carrot, dangled before the donkey in order to make said donkey go where it is being led.

I wonder at the interesting controversy regarding where he was born. His grandmother and step bro / sis’s say he was born in Kenya, as did a Kenyan ambassador, who then claims to have misunderstood the questions… lol… not to mention the $800,000 spent ON birth certs to combat the lawsuits re afore mentioned Kenyan birth. Oops, i wasn’t going to mention that.

In truth, none of it matters. The world will still be the same place tomorrow as it was yesterday. The bullies of the world will change names, but they will still be bullies. The people who allow themselves to believe so hard in a future utopia, that they pretend the hell of today is justifiable, will therefore still surround themselves with faith, or as i prefer to call it cognitive dissonance, and wait, rather than do. And those of whom the bullies inadvertently (or so we’re supposed to believe!!) aid/gain a benefit through the knock on effect, will sit back, voice their concern occasionally, but not so loudly that the bullies notice them, and then reap their ill gotten gains while still maintaining the illusion of credibility.

There is enough space on the world to house everyone. There is enough food in the world to feed everyone. There are enough bombs in the world to annihilate everyone. Which of these statements is the most likely to be the first to be executed. These are the modern times we live in. Doesn’t it make you proud to be alive!?


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