Home Again!

Well… landed back in sunny Holland all fine and dandy after having spent the weekend in Brum/Wolves/Crewe. Flights there and back on BMI Baby were fine, and we were mildly amused to see "Ice Ice Baby" on the nose-cone of the plane taking us to Birmingham!

Time there was spent nosing at the local beer, having a chuckle with Mr Myers in the pub in Crewe, eating out in various Weatherspoons, and two visits to the Gifford in wolves, sat afto for a listen to Yeti’s musical offerings and a Hobgoblin or two, and an evening with Sonya, culminating in an indian which caught both E and me off guard with its heat! The hotel, the Brittania in Wolves did eactly what it said on the tin. All travel on trains and planes etc went well too. IN actual fact the only let down really in the whole time was that we never bought what we went for (typical!!) and that a couple of people couldn’t make plans to fit us in when this was the first time back on UK soil for me in nearing a year and a half! Spent a couple of hours at Ju’s too this time. Not sure if the cats really remembered me though. lol. Picked up an old puzzle book which will doubtless drive me just as insane as it did the first time!

I think actually, I got what I wanted out of the trip. We were welcomed into the Gif by Womble of all people, with a hand shake and grin, then by an enthusiastic Yeti. The music was as it should be, the Hobgoblin good, and the feeling of "this is somewhere i can relax and enjoy", I think transferred over to Esther. There is a shared "thing" which goes on in there, something that says everyone is accepted. It’s different to the whole Cheers effect, where you want to go where everybody knows your name, because, or at least this is how it appears to me, in the Gif, your name isn’t important. Your being there for the right reasons IS. The evening was made better I think by the afternoons experience.

And Crewe? Well, it’s still Crewe. We were not really about that much there. A meal in the place my arm was broken, and then off to the pub to Anthony. He seemed genuinely pleased to see us. Messing with the music suddenly Whole Lotta Rosie appeared.. with the Angus chant at the start… lol… hmm.. and then, and this shocked me, My Woman from Tokyo! That was thoughtful. Have a feeling it won brownie points with Esther too.. as she knows both songs are fav’s of mine. He looked well. Mention of both funerals occurred and was kind of… avoidedish. Probably best. It was good to catch up. I suppose 30 years of history is not something I want to let go of.

Picked up a couple of things too. Spiderman Tee shirt! Hulk Tee Shirt! Dutch for Dummies! Alice in Wonderland and the World Trade Centre Disaster (again) by David Icke, and another re-buy, Hollow Chocolate Bunnies by Robert Rankin! All good stuff! lol

And on that note, I’m away !

But.. not before I add the Spidey Tee Shirt pic!  hehehe

Alistair Wiseman


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