Well, first New Year as a married man! We went out, had GlenFiddich at 12 midnight and spent the eve in a new rock pub called Brothers-of-Beer, which had opened that night, us being the first two people to buy a beer there! Locals were friendly, beer was ok, and the company was good. Friends appeared at 3am-ish.. and stayed for a beer, then we all buggered off! Been a while since I was out for a change in year.

Seems msn has messed this place about. Cant find how to reorder albums or the original storage info which used to give me icons of all the pics i’ve posted/saved on here, which is a tad annoying. The guitar playing is coming along I think, although i’m still loath to learn chords! I suppose I shall have to, but, i don’t want to play chords.. lol! I can muster a reasonable Iron Man, Breaking the Law, and Stairway to Heaven.. as you do… along with Beethoven’s 9th as a control piece! Tis a tidy little instrument, makes a nice noice. Also acquired series 2-3-extras of Cracker.. should kill a few hours.

Right.. am away to digest the rabbit I just ate…! Toodle Pip!


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