Well… this is my 3rd xmas in Holland, and 4th away from the uk in total. Looking back at the pictures on last years blog it seems it was colder then than it is now. Must be global warming? lol. Having not long come back from the gym my left leg is poking me and saying.. "Oy.. Wiseman.. go easy on me!" Grrr.. its not the boss of me!

Had pheasant for tea t’other night! Yum..! It was suitably demolished with relish.. (no not the sauce kind either), leaving a very sorry looking carcass behind. The Speckled Hen and Tanglefoot went down well too.

We’re heading to the Uk on 10th-12th Jan, couple of things planned for there which should be a giggle. May see a few people, nothing is confirmed yet cept the travel n hotel. Must remember to check in online from the Uk somewhere! Shouldn’t be a problem though. I did enquire of Anne about hotels in Bristol Swindon area a few days ago, but heard nothing from her so sticking with what we know instead.

G has a working pc again now, so there is more contact via msn. Good Good. E has a dodgy thumb, so i can catch her score on Geochallenge n there’s nothing she can do to stop me.. lol. First Geochallenge, tomorrow.. the world!

Right… book is calling me. Nothing much on over xmas so am glad i’ve a few hundred pages to play with.

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