Telegraph article reply

Dug this out from an article I commented on about the existence of God back in September! Thought I’d drop it here, as the Santa bit is topical.

If we were to start from now, with no concept of religion, just our
technical knowledge and scientific knowledge, the concept of religions
which involve an Almighty, would be laughed out of believability.

concept of God derives from what we were many thousands of years ago,
which is an ignorant, uneducated, innocent species. Peoples need for
God is innate in the same way as our fear of spiders is. It’s been bred
into us, and is now an integral part of our society until, like with
said spiders, people go about the task of de-conditioning us.

In truth
humans are still evolving, and so, like a child is susceptible to to
the lie that is Santa Claws, people too believe in a similar figure.
Remember all of you who have kids old enough to know Santa doesn’t
exist? Remember the years you lied to them about it, building their
beliefs with elaborate lies how the man who only came down chimneys
managed to negotiate central heated houses without chimneys? How you
ate the mince pie then lied about how He’d taken it for the reindeer?
And how devastated that child was when the truth was revealed, and the
realisation that, his/her parents, the ONLY people that child could
truly trust, had betrayed that trust for what appears to be just a bit
of fun at the child’s expense.
Transfer that, to us, as a species, but as a species where by only some
know/realise the truth. But like an older sister, who knows Santa is
dad in a beard, when she tries to impart her knowledge, the younger
naive child rebels, so that, the parents, rather than confirm older
sister’s statements, choose instead to punish her for saying such
things! Because.. to destroy the myth, may cause more hurt than living
in ignorance, at least… for a while. Again.. transfer that to a
global psyche, whereby people want their beliefs to the point of
childlike irrationality.

In a world where these beliefs are
gone, all that is left is the knowledge that you not only have been
deceived by all you held dear… you too have been the deceiver, and
are as guilty as those who indoctrinated you of propagating the myth!
Just as congenital as our fear of spiders, is our fear of having
allowed ourselves to be fooled. Or rather, admitting it.


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