St Nick’s

Well.. finally i have had a call back from parcelforce about the kerfuffle over the package. They seem sure it will not take 5 days to redeliver.. but we’ll see!

I should probably add.. the credit card thing is sorted. Now all we need is for the people to be found guilty and maybe compensation might await, although i have nosied a little at this and seen that the jolly old law people like to say the offence of fraud is only against the banks, so logistically it would have to be a case of identity theft which we could bring? Not that it would be able to be disputed due to them already have being convicted of an offence which could only have happened if our charge wasn’t already committed!

I have a guitar.. or should i say gitaar! Lord help us all! lol. Actually I’ve always wanted to try my hand, knowing that I’m reasonably musically minded helps. I can pretty much pick up and play most things, where by play means, get a tune out of it. I have no urge to play chords n stuff… i remember us as kids daring each other to sit  with Andrew as he played.. it was an endurance lesson from which I’m not sure any of us fully recovered! However, i am attempting to suss out this whole plectrum thing, mainly because it makes a better sound unless i grow nails.. and i suspect there might be an objection to that from somewhere lol!

And.. on that note.. this is going to end… mostly cos my fingers hurt… lol


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