Parcel Force and Dutch Post Suck!

Ah, So i’m a little late for Rabbits n Hares!

December is here, it’s snowing heavily, and the two puss’s are head to head on the windowsill flat out! I wish i was small enough to fit on there!

I’m a bit titsed off at the mo. A parcel sent from  the Uk to here hasn’t arrived. Or rather.. it hasn’t arrived here! Having placed a tracking thing on it so as to monitor it’s progress you can imagine my  surprise when its status was "delivered", when, having stayed in for two days straight, i’d received nothing! Interestingly their was a name on the tracker of the person who’d accepted it, and through the medium of an early morning walk I established their were no people by that name in the numerical 50 houses each way up/down the road! Oh yes.. i was miffed, as you, the reader, might well be able to visualise!

So.. no parcel.. what to do, what to do? Call Parcelforce! Which, i duly did! After a 10minute convo whereby in fairness they were quite helpful and I was quite pushy, they established that, it had been delivered into the hands of the jolly Dutch postal service, and I would have to call there! The was gentle disquiet in my voice when i suggested that, it wasn’t really my responsibility to be calling them, as the parcel was really their responsibility, but, for expediency’s  sake utilised the number the lass bequeathed me, more than a little cross that, considering that THEIR tracking thing was listed said parcel as delivered, they couldn’t furnish me with an address as to WHERE it had been delivered, or why it was signed for by someone other than either E or Me!

So.. call Dutch post people! After another 10 minutes of waffling, it appeared that, for a reason which could not be explained, the parcel had landed about 60 miles north westish of here, at some company, whereby the goods in idiot hadn’t bothered to check the labels, and had signed for it! "What now?", i dutifully enquired, as there seemed to be nothing forthcoming from that end of the phone. "Well", the lass replied, "you’ll have to call the uk, and get them to send me through the details of where the package came from, where it’s being sent to, and a Lost Package report form.", to which you probably see the black cloud and lightning bolts appearing above my delicately halo’d head! Why?? Why should it be me doing the calling? It’s a postal service, recorded delivery It’s their job. And.. why do i need to anyway? They had the address of the company, they have the signature of the person AT the company, ergo they know it’s there! Why not just contact them, send a van… and bring it over! Simple!

So… call the parcelforce people again. A different person on the phone then asks me again for the details of the package, this being the package which of course, on each call, I’ve given them the tracking number so they have the details up on the screen. Why do they need to know the address from where it came from? I don’t know it! They picked the damn thing up!! They attached the tracker in the first place… they know where from.. where to… and indeed where it is now, yet the actual (expected but not current) recipient is having to answer questions about a parcel he’s never seen!! Eventually I was assured that they would track it down. Oh.. and it’ll take at least another 5 days! St Nick’s, is tomorrow!

So.. what now..? Aha… me being me… I had the name of the company, and town.. and google! Call em! Let em know they have our parcel and facilitate an easy passage (no Vaseline involved) onto the delivery van. so I called them, and explained the situation. I also put it to them that, wasn’t it a bit odd that a package clearly labelled as not to them, but to us, one which if bar code scanned or even simply cross referenced at goods in, would’ve caused them to realise that they had received something in error. The suggestion of, "it appears that rather than bother to check your goods in, the person simply singed for them.", was duly delivered as gently as possible. They said they’d look for it and it wasn’t their fault, as it gets "quite hectic" there.

And so.. what now.. ? Well… i was awaiting a call before 2pm to tell me the investigation is under way etc etc. It’s 2.15pm now.. and the phone is in hand...


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