random wafflings!

Well.. been an entertaining few days. First the credit card, then the boiler went pop! Sat in the cold for 3or4 days tends to make people a touch cranky! And who am I to buck the trend! Chillier than a snowman’s cold bits! Mind… had an afternoon out in the pub instead of turning  my nipples into blue footy studs, so it’s not all bad. Seems they want to charge us 250 euros for the work done, (not forgetting we’ve not been paid back yet for 2 of the flights we didn’t book), which i think should be covered by either a: the dumbassed housing association we pay into, or b: house insurance. Whether it is or not, I don’t know. We pay a chunk a month into the housing association for them to then a: clean the floors once every so often on the stairs, b: impose on us a new set of windows which I’ve not been consulted on, nor in fact do I want, and c: deny me the right to sling a satellite dish up on the wall! Maybe it’s me, but, after these ere new windows (did i mention i don’t particularly want them??) are in, what exactly is the chunk of money going to be going on? There can only be so much that a flat, with one above, two below, and new windows in, needs doing to it! Bedroom windows, balconies maybe? All of which are functional at the mo… just like the windows we’re about to have removed! grrr…
Anyway… I will go on record now saying Arsenal will not finish in the top 4 this season, which will cost them a small fortune! I’ve said this from the start of the season and nothings changed! I suspect we’ll lose 10 this season, which in fairness isn’t that much of a leap considering we’ve lost to fulham, stoke, villa, city, and of course the mighty Hull already. I predict at least a 3-0 win for Chelsea. I refuse to be like the England fans who sit there thinking their team is wonderful when it plainly isn’t better than average! Realism isn’t a crime, no matter what the blindly optimistic tell you!
This whole credit crunch thing is a touch odd. It seems to not really be having an effect here in cloglang! Petrol is down to its lowest in 3 years, and houses are still ridiculously high priced. On saying that, there’s a flat the same as ours for sale at 10 grand less than here, on the same level, just two balconies away. However, doing a little investigative work i found others on the same set at varying prices higher n lower than ours. Might just be they want a quick sale? Money things here are an oddity. E’s worked overtime a few times and has mentioned something about working at time n .23 but then getting taxed 50% on it.. so.. as a compare, 10 quid an hour, 100quids worth of hours would equate to 123, but then less 50% means you take home 61.50!! From what I gather, base tax rate here is 33% so your 100quid would = 67, so for the overtime.. you get 5quid 50 less!!!! In the uk (assuming you’re covering the tax threshold), everywhere I’ve worked overtime is time and a half, so.. your 100 would then be 150, and the tax rate would be the same, 23% approx, so your 100 = 77, and your 150 =115.50! Thats close to double! Madness! Mind you, in fairness… if you are thinking of moving to Holland a quick perusal of the wikipedia page on income tax in the Netherlands states regarding none specialist foreigners "normal Dutch income tax rates are so high that it is not financially rewarding to work in Holland". Ouch!
As a slightly more fun thing.. seems I’ve learnt a few flags from their appearances! to the tune of managing 43 in a row without error, pick a named flag from 6 offered lol… might not sound like much but, if i could’ve named 15 flags before, i’d’ve been surprised! Esthers geography is far better than mine, and the game consists of more than just naming flags, which puts her at an advantage over me overall, but 43 flags in 80 seconds gives me enough of a boost to be competitive!! Me, competitive? Surely not!
Have re-potted two plants and tended to tothers, plus we’ve two new plants arrived! The 5th tree I’ve carried up the stairs here lol! Hopefully our jungle will survive the upheaval and prosper once again! And.. on that note… am away to water em!  What’s good looking with green fingers? lol

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