Credit Card fraud

Well.. seems some prize swine has managed to swipe E’s credit card info and booked three flights on the jolly net! One was from Luton via easyjet, the other two i can’t remember. Costing to the tune of 600 squid. Not impressed. Fortunately E’s bank picked up on "suspicious behaviour" and managed to contact us to confirm that it wasn’t her who was doing the booking. Nicely done bank, but what’s not so nicely done is that E is drawing a blank as to what happens next re some form of compensation. Identity Theft is kind of a big thing these days, the credit card people are saying they know how it happened but for the moment as far a I can gather it is being handled by them. What I would like to be doing is, having the information to hand so as to have the ability to start the ball rolling on a theft charge, but of course I am unable to do anything because of the language barrier! Easyjet told Esther that they could not reveal any details of the flight booked because it was now a legal matter, but this to mne seems bizarre. how can they not tell her,  the person who’s details have been stolen, what it is which she has "paid for". grr…
As it happens, we had only just gotten around to changing Esthers details on her card to Wiseman, rather than her maiden name, and so, there have only been about 4 transactions with the card, and of those only two were in a position where the information needed could have been gleaned. This, I would imagine, would have been helpful to the credit card people to find the perpetrators of this fraud! Again though I am completely unaware as to what happens next. You have to assume there will be some for of recompense due to us besides the refunding of stolen cash, but I don’t doubt it will be something that requires us to put in the claim, rather than  anyone telling us what to do, which is concerning me slightly.
Anyways.. Natomy of the grey variety is on, and i am required on the sofa…
Until next time 

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