I’m still ere!!

So, it’s mid November and again I have been neglecting my blog! Seems to be the way of it over the last few months. Tis odd really, as its not like we’ve not been out and about. I’ve not especially written much about the whole Sweden visit, which actually went pretty well.I was going to write something about something, but i’ve forgotten it.. lol, so I guess that kinda throws me a hitch or two. we did a chunk of walking, most notably out with Nikita, and in Stockholm, bought a couple of books in a big ole sci-fi book store, drank some serious whisky in the Glen Fiddock warehouse, (and by serious, i don’t mean lots, i mean it cost an arm and a leg!), E lost her sunglasses while trecking across the Swedish countryside, and we left not so much a carbon footprint as a kevlar footprint in some woods, while in pursuit of deer! Never managed to get a Swedish jumper in the style of the oz one, but did pick up some fingerless leather gloves, which i’ve missed since leaving them behind in one of the many moves!

Oh.. and did i mention we saw the King..? We did… and i have the pic’s to prove it Wink

I should give a shout out to Lesley… nicely done at getting into uni, passing medical n winding up with a placementy thingy! Congrats! Hope things continue to go well.

E is currently bubbling on the sofa.. dodgy guts means there is a lack of retention going on so no work, and a diet of dry white toast (without the four fried chickens and a coke) . Having sat yesterday through the whole of what I think might have been Pride and Prejudice I suspect that might really be what has affected her stomach, as to be fair, I’m not sure that any constitution would be able to withstand such a battering of Darcyness!

I have had probably my worst experience here so far a couple of weeks back. Jack’s birthday actually so i was probably more than a little on edge to start with. Some, what can only be described as "little turds" persisted in ringing the doorbell. Not once, not twice, but 9 times over a space of a few hours. Now.. although  that doesn’t sound too bad, you have to then take into account that we have 48 steps to get down to answer the door, then 48 to get back upstairs again (odd that huh? lol). Then, add to that that, the lovely little toerags discovery that, the bell jam’s, so that you have to go down to the door to un-jam it or the ringing is constant. That equates to 864 steps, although in truth I didn’t have to go down the first couple of times. Having shouted at them initially, downstairs at the door, I eventually collared a mother of one of the kids, who of course, had a very limited English understanding, but I suspect gathered I was not amused. At all. Little sods! However, it’s not happened again, where as before it was reasonably regular that they’d do it at least once a fortnight. Progress? We’ll see.

As for Jack… sent an mms across to G with a video happy birthday, only for it not to be received / receivable by G’s phone, and it appears it directed her to a dutch website so she could retrieve it there, but, of course, it would’ve been all in dutch. The end outcome is, he/they never saw it, which is a little sucky, but not really much can be done about it. Waiting now to see if G uploads any pics from the birthday. Been a while now since I’ve seen a recent pic.. and the last ones sent here were lost in transit.. grr.

Family stuff.. I hear Hamish n Tracey have finally gone bang .. and i have no way of findnig out if my stuff is still available to grab. Not vast amounts can be done about that either. I wonder if I’ll ever get the comics n books back from Crewe. Just another thing I can resent mother for? Sounds like a plan!

Chuckled with E yesterday… this will be the 3rd December I will have spent in Holland. Where does the time go? Watched a great Boston Legal which was very ouchy, touching on abortion and how it will always haunt you. He/She would’ve been 2 by now. Hmmm!

Right.. on that jolly note am away again. My first November blog this year… wonder if I will think on to add another? lol


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