October thoughts

Have just had a nosey through the last few years entries over October and chuckled at the lack of entries for last year. Seems I really only write when i’m annoyed about something, or really wanting a rant! There were 3 entries for last year with me here in Leiden, 2 of which were one liners and informative, we’d arrived back from the uk in one piece, and a new photo album had been added. November was even more sparse, with one picture of the house interior and that was it! Yet, I used to write most on days, and back then, i probably actually had less time to write in, often heading to internet cafes to plunk down my thoughts!

Added a note on Glenda’s facebooky thingy commenting that, this time 6 years ago i was in Edinburgh cos i wanted to be in Scotland if I couldn’t be there for Jacks birth. Truely doesn’t seem possible that it was so long ago. Wonder if it seems as distant for her?

Was sat in a pub yesterday while E had her hair done, and was asked what i miss about the uk, and had problems again answering. Sounds daft to say pie n beer, but in actuality those are the two main tangible / corporeal things. Which, in the grand scheme of things… isn’t much. The other thing, which isn’t really related to the venue, is the kind of camaraderie which we used to get in places like the Cat, and to a smaller extent, the Gifford in Wolves. There just isn’t the same culture of music + beer + venue here, or if there is, i’ve not seen it. When that’s the main-point of your social circle, other human interaction, to have that just not available, is odd! I think, in the whole of the time I’ve been here in Holland, that is really the extent of "culture shock" i’ve run into. Mind.. with the price of beer here, it would be impractical to do the Friday & Saturday 10 pints and a curry thing! But then that begs the question, how do you make new friends?

I hear it’s snowing in the uk! lol Been over a year now since I last set foot over there. Time flies. I remember thinking the 3 months in oz was a long time. I look out of the window here and its raining. The remnants of a "real" (echt? echte?) cheese butty (Double Gloucester) lay on a plate in front of me, the light is fading, and it’s only 4pm. 4pm… lol.. best finish  making the place presentable and have two mugs ready for when my good lady reappears. I have to chuckle at the smile that appears as I type that! It reminds me that, the only time I actually think about what i miss from the uk, is when i’m asked to think about it, and that, in fact, which i believe speaks volumes. What also speaks, louder than all… is that i call it the uk. It’s not home. Here is. And, if asked about it, i would say i have all i could wish for . And that, in any language, has to be something special.


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