Schildereee, Schilderij, schilderaa schilder-ah ha-ha ha etc.. lol

Ah.. Sunny August! As i sit here, it is pouring with rain… and thunder and lightning abound!

So, the whole dead dad 3 year anniversary passed off with little or no pain, although it doesn’t seem possible that it has passed quite so quickly. Speaking of quickly, we’ve been married 5 months now! Where did that go? Seems time plays tricks on us when we’re not looking! Or maybe its contentedness? Interesting word that. Based up on "content", which seems rather pleasing in a way. Ingredients! Nice! (Jazz club??)

Couple of chuckles… Anne apparently asked after me, via Su. Su told me, so i replied something along the lines of, She knows how to get hold of me, if she’s that interested in asking after me how about she addresses it to me, rather than making superficial sycophantic conversation with Su, to which Su allegedly told her she’d passed on the hello’s, but you know what he’s like, rather than what I actually said. No… she doesn’t know what I’m like. Not remotely. Am sure it was meant to be an amicable way of dealing with what i said rather than being confrontational, but that was kind of the point. If she hasn’t enough about her to ask ME how I, she doesn’t really want to know. Maybe she could ask mother instead, and get told that i have doubtless been round there harassing her again. I’ve yet to receive any mail from anyone telling me "Hey Ali… we now know that mother lies about you", regarding the last little bout of drivel she spouted about me, when she supposedly reported me to the police for being there, when actually I was with Su, and her bloke, who unfortunately for mother, was a copper at the time, and confirmed that 1 : i wasn’t where she said I was (obviously as I as at their house!!) and 2 : The report to the police, never actually happened. Made up! Complete figments of her imagination! As was the whole episode! I guess for some people it’s easier to believe crap about people they don’t really know, than to realise that the people they do know, are not what they thought they were.

Anyway… pc decided to try and play silly buggers yesterday. Just as i was starting the Rosetta Stone for another exciting episode of learning dutch, it decides to not run the scripts needed to open the lessons. Not a clue why, but the errors ( for google purposes and aiding anyone who encounters same problem) were Macromedia Projector error, and Object expected, script error… continue? from director which appears to be part of the flash adobe shockwave dohickey that runs it. Now… my language pack is on a disk, and it from then on refused to allow me to see the files on that disk from explorer. As the error appears, the phone goes… E is on the way home.. thus meaning no real time to have it all up and working by when she gets home. This bothers me. The pc is kinda something which I can do. To have an unresolved problem, is basically treading on my toes! But.. she lands back home, and though pleased to see her, i’m cross cos i now can’t sort out this issue as she has plans for the afto, whereas I want this done. Especially as it appears the only thing it’s affecting is the only really effective language tool I have. However, we shoot off out and tis soon forgotten, and all is hunky dory again. had a good meal out.. *meat with extra meat and a side order of meat to go!* couple of drinks, and a nice walk. Then, when we got in, rather than attack it again i simply headed over to the major geeks forum n slung a message up for help / info. Today, I wake up.. and nothing’s been posted. Being me, I go on a search, nosing at similar problems, and come across the idea of creating a virtual disk for the iso file rather than the actual disk. That way, as it seemed to be the accessing of the disk causing the other probs.. it removed that aspect. And… worked perfectly! All is hunky n dory and was fixed within an hour of sitting down and getting my teeth into it. I would recommend Daemon Tools Lite for anyone creating virtual disks from my experience!

So… Amsterdam tournament on Saturday! We’ll be there… possibly wearing scotland shirts.. a few rows back from the pitch and quite close to the half way line! Actually, with the Arsenal v Seville game being the first.. we should be easily seen!

And.. add to that.. we’re off to see Disturbed in Hamsterspam in October!! Down with the sickness? You betcha! Wonder if they’ll play Darkness… should be a good time!

Okies.. this is a little long, so am away. *wonders who googled me in  belgium yesterday*


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