Jolly Jolly

Whats new with the Wiseman.. or should that be Wiseman’s, Wisemen, or even Wisemi? lol Not vast amounts really. The running, though sporadic.. is getting better. Can do a mile happily now with no real repercussions in the old calf muscles so should really start to think about increasing it to two. The Pc is back to normal, complete with spanking new web cam (which wont work on bloody yahoo for some reason??? ), we have Doublewood Balvenie in for those whisky moments, and generally all is well.

Seems we decided to move stuff about again. The back room has kinda been altered, making more space all ways round. trying to insinuate a spare table somewhere without having to get rid is posing a problem.. but it’ll sort or wind up downstairs like the door did! The jungle is more consentrated now.. but looks oddly healthier for it.. tis not wonderful, but its better.Really all we’re needing is a fe things on the wall and all would be hunky dory!

E has taken tongue and lip piercings out! Quite a thing cos she’s had em years. Never really been my thing, but, was nothing to do with me that they’ve gone. I suppose when you’ve had enough… you’ve had enough.

On a different thing altogether… lol…. am 15th in the world rankings on facebook for a stupid word game called Wordcube! Took forever, and was an exercise in vocab and pig headedness… took over 4 hours, and that included having to leave the game twice to go up n down the stairs for parcels! Left me feeling really drained but i can only imagine quite how many words i found! Keeps the brain ticking over, and considering there are several hundred thousand people playing it… 15th overall isn’t bad! lol.

Tis nice outside so I’m off and away to read The Da da de da da code.. lol… Robert Rankin strikes again!


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