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I know, I know, its been a while since I added anything! Am sure this is followed with all the avidness of a soap opera addict, awaiting their daily fix and cursing the writers for leaving such devilish cliff hangers. I’m put in mind of the Batman voice overs from the tv series.. or indeed the similar technique used in the Dangermouse episodes where they are split into bite sized chunks for viewing over time rather than in one go, (which of course might lead to overdose).

So, what’s new? Well, we spent 3 pleasant days, (well, 2 n n arf really but who’s counting?!), trundling around Antwerp, or as the locals call it, Antwerpen. There was a possibility of us meeting up with a couple of VIP’er but, as is the usual when we travel to a foreign country, seems they couldn’t spare us an hour or two. Esther has met them before, so maybe it was my armpits. In fairness, they had a festival to go to the day after we arrived but still..! Antwerp its self was pleasant. Esthers ganesha tattoo made a Tibetan womans day, there were mucho pubso about which sold suspicious ale in even more pretentious glasses than the ones used in the pub opposite the Kings Armes in Crewe (i forget its name..), and generally we had a good time, even managing to watch Saw 3 late on in the eve on cabel. An initial kafuffle ensued over our bed, which was two singles pushed together, complete with the gap between the two mattresses, (matri??) , which is about as romantic as a dose of the clap, only with less chance of disregarding it and having rampant nookie due to the fact that penicillin will cure the clap but a broken spine is for life… (not just for christmas?)! Still, they sorted it in the end, with much indignation, and an attempt to convince us that, in 5 years time, all beds in hotels will be like that, ie no double beds at all. I can only think that the lass was making it up on the spot, in some crazed delusion. Probably not been getting any for a while…. I shall add pics sometime soon to the album.

In an effort to fight the little belly I sport, I’ve decided to start running again. So far this has consisted of a mile or so jog, followed by leg protests that would get people arrested if they emulated their vehemence! Since then, recovery and weather have conspired to limit my running to that one venture, but that will soon change, and hopefully the tummy will soon vamoosh!

We have tickets for the Amsterdam tournament again… whoo hoo! Arsenal v Seville and Ajax v Inter Milan… Should prove a chuckle. We’ve got great seats again by the looks of things, so should be interesting to see what sort of team we have out. I’m sure messers Wenger n Morwhatsitho will be pleased to be chatting to each other again!

Stupid pc is still trying to protest over the whole system reset thing from a few weeks back. Finally though it seems most parts are back to normal now. Ebay on firefox protests regularly, and hotmail on explorer is persistently reverting back to the "classic" view. Just little bugs but an annoyance nevertheless!

Am thinking of adding a site map to my webpages, perhaps linking to the albums here. The problem with this is.. only having paint as the art package. I know paint is, i you know how to use it, actually quite powerful, but… when the menu’s are in dutch… then it becomes more tricky…lol. PSP may well be needed to be grabbed. As far as I know you can not make tubes in paint, so things have to be done freehand on your desired background rather than copy pasted, which is really what can only be described as, a pain in the arse! Having seen sister toying with a website, I might use an image map for the page, one graphic with several links built into it. Not difficult, but tis something I’ve not done before.

Okay.. am up to date I think… oh, a certain Mr Myers has been in touch, and I hear another old acquaintance has suffered from a blockage..(call in Papa Zaz?) lol.. *wanders off humming "(inside Michelle )I Wait and Bleed…*


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