Now if i could just find Belgium on the map…

Seems we’re going to Antwerp! After much deliberation as to what to do on Esther’s tiny tussis, which included heading to Sweden to see Sis n co, and heading to London to see the British Museum, Es mangaged to dig out a one off special offer at a hotel in Antwerp (or should i say Antwerpen? When in Rome.. etc etc) with an executive suite going or the same price as a room in Wolverhampton, and cheaper than one in Crewe!! I must be rubbing off on her… and before the watershed too! How rude! So, from the 26th to late on 28th, we’re away! There apparently are some entertaining sewers there to go and explore, which sounds different, and possibly a couple of VIP’ers might be about too, which is nice! All good fun!

Mutters… my phone suffered a revival for the last few days only to sink back into the depths of inertness this a.m. Ah how it loves to dangle the carrot of hope and transmute it to the douche of despair!

Asides from this, much is the same. Esther, through the medium that is Julia (although i’d be tempted to call her a small…) has managed to acquire some Blue bars!! Combine that with another pair of lello’s which are winging their way here even as we speak means the family have expanded to 7 bar’ed trainers "in da house". Sounds more like an armadillo! It seems Adidas are about to relaunch their torsion models this summer… which will be almost a shame as it will take away some of the originality, but then, it will depend on what exactly they do relaunch. I would like a definitive list of all the shoes/ trainers they’ve made with "proper" torsion bars in, cos oddities keep surfacing. I’ve seen golf shoes, and an amazing pair of walking boots too, but if you don’t know what to look for, you can’t find them. David… if you’re reading this, there’s a project for you… Wink

Right.. need food. And.. for those of you who are wondering about "tiny tussis", it’s a wee cough.Week off? No? Ah… it’s never as good when you have to explain it, unless, of course, you were expecting to…. heheh! Slainte Mhath!


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