Well… i am a prize tool at times, and mightily miffed about it I am too! Sighs… In the quest for the perfect icon, and with added cat, yesterday decended into madness as, the delightful pc chose to be an obstreperous (or as we say, obstrop’ilous) beast! First the cam hit the deck like a stone, much to the amusement of the puss who sat looking at it going, "What?" in what can only be described as mocking, rather than mock innocence, because certainly she was in no way responsible for the sudden gravitational pull exerted upon said cam, rendering it floor-ward bound at 3pm per second per second.
Thinking nothing of it…I picked up the fun filled photographic facilitator and gazed into it’s abyss, and found only darkness. Seems there was sound.. but no video. Thinking maybe something had caused some grief from the drop, I unplugged it from the usb, took the chance to clear out the excess cat from the pc  innards, then plugged it back in again, and things went downhill fast. The cam its-self is only a logitech farty thing, and needs nothing ‘cept to plug it in and it should work. Not a hope! Now, this pc has 4 spare usb ports asides from the one that the cam is usually in, so, the thing to do really was to "safely detach hardware" and then reinstall. Nope  "Eh err" in the style of family fortunes wrong answer! Swear? You betcha. The language was… entertaining, the metaphors were colourful, and the profanities.. profane! One port accepted there was a cam in there,  but didnt show video still, one said no, its just an audio device, one showed video and audio with one application, and not for others, and so it went on, round, and round, and round. For hours. I tried installing other things in the usb ports to at least let the pc know that the cam was no longer in at all, and then the end product of that was that then when i plugged the cam in, it wanted to load stuff from a disc that didn’t exist. If i could’ve just flushed the usb ports, it would’ve been fine, but with xp being in dutch, and knowing by intuitive decisions rather than actual locations for how to do exactly that…
So… the end result? After more reboots than a rebooted thing, all the usb ports locked… so no keyboard.. and no mouse. And… not knowing where system restore was via dutch menus, plus not being able to even use menus due to no navigationable peripheral, it was a case of use a different type of restore, which wound us up with explorer 5, windows media 10, and every other application under the sun needing to be reinstalled due to registry issues!! And still  the cam wont work! nor, curiously will the proper 350d Canon, which as far as i can see, should do, but again, all the errors / would you like to do x, y, z are all in dutch so… no chance. To know that something that should be done in seconds has taken forever, and still isn’t sorted, nor has an alternative been arranged either, is infuriating beyond the realms of comprehension when, for me, this is one of the only real things i am good at, competent at, and capable of doing over here, and its been taken away. Leaves a feeling of impotence. And Esther… lol… well… then she has an annoyed me to deal with lol. Which is always entertaining!
As it happens… today has been spent rectifying (no that doesn’t have anything to do with bottoms either…!) the system. Everything is now back to as it was, as far as i can see… save for the cam obviously, which sits looking at me, lights up on boot, receives audio, but no visual.The system itself is actually less cluttered I think, so maybe it was all for the best i that respect, its just that, of course, as soon as the cam was out of action, someone wanted a video call!!! Arrrggg! But.. I have beer, I have football in abundance, and I have to make some tea now for the lady of the house, so all in all I don’t want for anything really. Cept maybe a time freeze machine.
And.. over 15000 hits… lol.. And… my mushroom pic is on the front of the crewe n nantwich guardian’s website! Just when they thought they were safe to log onto the net.. lol oh… and the comic relief video… from many many years ago.. a present when i was 10 and HUGELY offensive… is on its way too… lol One problem.. we’re going to watch it at the inlaws… so all my best behaviour will be ruined! heheh

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