Rabbits and hares!

All’s quiet on the western front! lol. Not really much to tell. Weird crazy flashy storm with little rain n thunder… the in-laws have recently returned from the uk bearing gifts of 15 packets of lockets… lol… impressive! That should do nicely for quite some time. We bobbed out and watched the Scotland game on friday, but reall just had a good waffle with a variety of people passing through the pub. Was a good night.
Jack called me early this a.m. and again I couldn’t understand him, asides from one line which was "Where are you Daddy?". to me that indicates distress and non comprehension of why I am not there with him, but Glenda assures me tis only a face value question rather than actually meaning "Why are you not here?". Tis frustrating not being able to communicate, and must be for him too, although again G says the knowledge that I am actually "out there somewhere" is good, and he was quite happy just with that.
okies.. tis late.. not really much more to add so… ter ra!

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