Religion Rant and Self Worth Ass kicking!

Okies… I was floating around the net looking at this n that and ran across a net film that seems to have caused a stir called Zeitgeist. It was new to me so I had a nosey about and it turns out that its an information film about the world n who controls it, and stuff like the 9/11 events, world bank stuffs and similar. The first part digs into the history of the Bible, and how basically “there exists no credible and valid scientific evidence for the existence of the figure in the New Testament called Jesus Christ”.

From here, I wound up on a blog site of what appears to be one of the major contributors of this statement and supporting evidence etc, where the lass is the focal point of some hefty abuse. I sat and read many comments from people and indeed from the lass and some of her students, and what bothered me was that, this seemed like an opportunity to explain how and why the situation of religious beliefs being/becoming such an irrational action came about, but instead it was really one side shouting at the other without really any ground being gained by either.

The thing with irrationality is, just by calling it irrational, you’re not going to convince a person that it is. What you have to do is, describe how this came about so as the person who is being controlled by irrationality can follow the reasoning themselves to the point that, when you say to them in climax, “This in turn means that what you initially believed was irrational”, they have already arrived at that conclusion themselves. Telling someone they are being irrational is like telling them they are stupid, they will rebel and actually it will reinforce whatever it was they were focusing on. Instead, allow a person to find their own way by telling information from a starting point which is grippable, acceptable, and already accepted, and then use logic, reasoning and indeed a little humour to guide them, so that irrationality can be seen as what it is. It’s like a phobia, in that once you are aware that the phobia can be beaten, it then becomes up to you, the individual as to whether you wish to beat it, and that if you require help, you are aware that it is there for you!

Anyway… here is my 5 penethworths!

Hi there. I too was redirected to here from the David Icke site, something which might cause a few chuckles and a few raised eyebrows, but nevertheless served me well enough to lead me to a point where everyone else who reads this has also ended up! I can’t help but think that the point that is being missed in all this is the message that, us, human beings, have been force-fed for thousands of years the idea that we need a God figure in order to vindicate our own existence. At first, Gods were created out of superstition, if we do not understand something, then our instinct tells us we should fear it. Hence Sun gods, thunder gods etc.
Fear then and now has an incredible hold on us, look at our irrational everyday fears of spiders, or fear of needles, or of heights. Phobia’s are created by our own minds, and the power these hold over us can lead to reactions which would happily be classed as examples of temporary insanity. Inside ourselves, we all know we are going to die. Our parents are obviously far more aware of this than we are when we are infants, but their fear leads them to beliefs which have been handed down through the millennia in such a way that indoctrination is almost inevitable, so that on some level, the idea of death is not an absolute idea of the cessation of the self.
This notion, that humans fear death, and that they also feared things like the Sun, merged throughout cultures the world over, so that they became intertwined. The next logical leap was that, to offer yourself to the one, might stay the hand of the other. Needless to say, history shows that this staying of death did not happen all that often!
However, not to be deterred, somewhere alone the lines, certain people, in a sudden fit of reasoning amidst irrationality, put two and two together, and thought, “If I can come up with a viable and reasonable sounding set of rules, based on these fears, I can control these people.” Enter the start of organised religions. Whether or not the instigators of this actually believed they were doing the right thing, I.e. this way of living will lead to the peoples salvation, is really irrelevant. What it did do, is create uniform, which in turn became a belief for the masses.
The thing was, it was still blindingly obvious that people were  still ending up just as dead, irrespective of their beliefs, so somewhere along the way an idea of an afterlife came about. Therefore the afterlife was introduced as a powerful tool in the religion in that, this was the reward for following the rules! And so it remains today.
The thing is, we live now in a time where superstition should really be dismissed as exactly what it is, an irrationality and therefore not able to have power over us, yet the world is an example that this is not happening. We are born/brought into a world that is completely submerged in the need to vindicate each individuals own existence. The individual can not just exist because he/she does. Oh no. Arrogance born from our superior intellect tells us that we could not possibly be like all the other life forms on the planet. We have to have been created for a purpose. And so because of this “superior intellect”, ironically, we, as a culture, as the masses, chain ourselves up in dogma and archaic superstition, while others dictate to us what it is we have to do, to validate ourselves, to vindicate ourselves, rather than actually loving who we are simply because we are. And of course, this opens up the general masses to manipulation and control.
In truth, there is one saying throughout religious beliefs which really does teach what in my opinion is the right way of life. “I am that I am“. The ability to love who you are simply because “you are” has been taken from us, initially through superstition and ignorance, and now through the subsequent phobia imposed through the thousands of years where “primal man’s fears” have become “mans primal fears” due to an existence that now requires a validation from a God of some sort, any God will do, as long as there is a way of life attached to it which will in some way guarantee passage into the next world. Because we need a “next world”. Because if there isn’t one, then we are not as superior as we thought. We then become just creatures on a planet like all the other ones, who rather than rejoicing in the life we were given, chose/choose to build ourselves a cage and allowed others to place a lock upon it, making us not unlike some of the other animals that exist nowadays no longer in the wild, but because of humans actions, only in cages themselves. There’s an irony there somewhere! We, however, have the ability to manifest our own key. We just need to put aside our predispositions, our prejudice and fears, and trust and have faith in the one tangible palpable existence we have unique access to. Ourselves.


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