Done! Documented! Dusted!

Well…seems all of the associated paraphernalia  regarding the wedding is all completed. Apostille is back, city council is informed, so we are married in the eyes of pretty much all laws! Even one God was apparently on hand at least once to preside over our union. Hmm.. if i’m in a union, can I strike?

The keets are back with a vengeance, squawking their good mornings from the top of trees by the window at silly a.m. Jackdaws want to launch all out assaults on the bag of nuts which are really there fr the resident tits, and so cause quite a commotion while trying to work out just how to get to them, only to be discouraged by one of the cats hurling themselves at the window, safe in the knowledge there is glass between them and bird, so they wouldn’t have to work out what exactly to do with an angry Jackdaw if they manage to lay a paw on it!

All in all, things are good. Nothing massively to rant about on the blog either…grrr… lol So.. back to the snooker it is!

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