No Crackle, No Pop but Two Snaps!

Well, after much falling down of bird feeders, and creeping up on with camera only to be disappointed when the bugger flew off, i finally have a picture of one of the resident Jays which have been about for the past year. "And how did you accomplish this feat", i hear you, the reader, cry in unison, (which is odd, as reader is singular… but i wont let that deter me!), whilst aghast at my assumed stealth, prowess, and other such similar accolades. I fear though that the answer might well disappoint. In truth, it was early, sometime before 7am, and having awoken to find myself alone in the bed, the lady wife readying herself for the daily grind, I offered to throw my weight into aiding her preparations by making tea, and so migrated to the kitchen in order to do what Polly was so adept at in the child’s song, i.e. put the kettle on! Upon my passing of the bedroom, i spied two Jays on the railing, and so forthwith availed myself of the camera and set about the task of positioning myself so as to acquire a good lighting angle whilst not alerting these famously skittish birds to my presence.  The subsequent results of my fun filled photography flavoured foray are presented below. Enjoy responsibly!


Jay number 1


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