Coldseal Windows Adverts!

For years I have quested in vain for the delicate sounds of the Coldseal Window Radio adverts, but to no avail. Until now. Now they have surfaced. Surfaced on a website near you. Now you too can hear about the exploits of the 3 little pigs who called for coldseal to save them from the wolf, (or rather, only the one did, as the other two ended up as sausage sandwiches and bacon butties!). Listen to the dulcet tones of the ad guy repeat 0800 221155 (oh eight hundred, double two, double one, double five) and know that, 20 years from now, you will still not only know the number and the company name but, you’ll still hear the guy saying it!!

The website can be found Here! and, I suspect, as their website isn’t exactly boiling over with huge amounts of search engine friendly stuff, this here wee blog of mine will become an oasis for people who, like me, have wanted to relive the halcyon days of radio adverts such as these! There are 3 full pages of links to be listened to, which could cause a serious overload of Coldseal, so, I’ve selected my personal favourite 3 which should aid a weary searcher to rejuvenate enough to then troll through them all!

Happy Listening!   


The Best One in my opinion… lol The 3 little Pigs
A funny one about the voice guy… Horrible Kicking
And… a generally clever one about rules n regulations.. In My Opinion

Seems the website has gone people. the The Three Little Pigs one is still available here

7 thoughts on “Coldseal Windows Adverts!

  1. Matthew

    Oh man! They\’ve gone into liquidation apparently…perhaps why I can\’t reach the site. What a fab blog though! I really wanted to hear these jingles! I use to listen to them on the way to primary school in my mum\’s car. I\’ve also sparked fresh interest of the ads into the north by singing them to my girlfriend who now can\’t get them out of her head. To top it off she has now got the ads stuck in her dad\’s and uncle\’s heads! The point being, you don\’t even need to hear the adverts first hand to get them stuck in your head!


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