Dutch Shag

Well, twas an entertaining couple of days. Thought it would be good to include a picture of my first Dutch Shag! Also saw a buzzard up above the house. Unfortunately so did the gulls and they mobbed it until it had little choice but to cruise away.

Phone worked for a few hours, until i switched to the dutch sim and then it went potty again! Grr..! Oh, and a supply of lockets arrived from the uk. Ta muchly Ju, I can breathe better for it!

But.. back to the Shag! Seems it’s not a cormorant because it has a crest! Tis a handy thing to know. Am sure there’s many out there who’ve wondered something similar, but with this handy tip I can help you establish if that bird you were seeing is all you hoped for, or disappointingly, (assuming you wanted something else), its just a Shag! This one decided to pose for me, so i guess it was a good Shag. Of course, if you’d not seen one before, then i’m sure you’d be delighted at your first Shag irrespective of if it were not that which you were looking for.

Anyways, judge for yourselves!

Leiden Shag


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