Mutters something about having a bee in his bonnet…

Ok… reading up today i see this "10 people died in Internet cafés in South Korea from cardiopulmonary-related deaths" which is kinda fair enough, but then i got to thinking. That’s 10 people. In one country. Just for this year (as far as i can gather is just this year anyway) Now then, South Korea has a population of 50 million according to wikipedia, (which of course means it’s accurate). Then i got to thinking, how’s that compare to bird flu? So i did a little more reading, and discovered the hardest hit country with bird flu is Indonesia, a country with 222 million people, and the total death toll of people in Indonesia since bird flu was discovered is 105 to date. It was discovered there in 2003! Transpose those figures and it looks to me like the one to watch out for is the old Chat Room / Gaming addiction.

So… why isn’t there huge headlines screaming "We’re all going to die?" Presumably because the people who manufacture drugs cannot make money out of scaring people to err.. go for a walk every 40mins or similar. There are millions upon millions of people sitting on pc’s everyday. Surely thats a ticking timebomb? Our bodies, not being able to fight of a virus, will obviously have no chance against such a powerful addiction which has indeed just been classified as a mental disorder.

Bird flu shmoo poo! More people die in the toilet each year. Get a grip! (but not in the toilet) lol


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