34 or a suffusion of yellow

Well… another birthday came and went. E n me went out the eve before and grabbed an indian, which was damned good I have to say, and then a swift pint before heading home, as I’d heard that there was snow and hail forecast. As it turned out, the forecast was accurate, to the point that we stood at the window and said "Good Call"! Seems the weather has no clue what to do here. Sun snow rain n hail all in the one day! Anyway, got a card from sis which was pay back for many years ago, two cards from Esther’s family members, and a call from E’s mum, to sing happy birthday in 4 languages lol!

Finished "A short history of tractors in Ukrainian", which promised much and eventually did make a reasonable read. Seems E wants me to read "The Witch of Portabello" next, another Paulo wotsisname book, so will get to it pronto!

Arsenal have conspired to throw away the league, no matter how many chickens i consume during the next few matches i suspect it won’t look any more promising. And me… I need to get fit.My mangled toenail aside i did a mile jog on the 24th and still my legs ache lol. I could run for miles before! Gods I could even still run a decent distance from Ju’s to the Gifford in Wolves a couple of so years back when pints beckoned and buses failed me. 34 isn’t old, but it seems i need to do more work to maintain some sort of fitness.

Right.. coffee calls!

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