Gret nah!

Sits and chuckles…. tis a weird world. Was casually perusing the net about running off and heading to Gretna Green and getting married when for some reason, Las Vegas reared it’s head, and poked out it’s tongue. Me being me, thought i’d run a comparison of the two as a curiosity, and unbelievably it is more viable to run off to Vegas and get married than it is to Gretna. Gretna requires all sorts of piffle and booking in advance, various documentations in advance too, and is generally about as freely accessible as an NHS bed albeit with less chance of disease. Starting at 360quid, not including flights and hotels etc it was just completely the opposite of how I used to view Gretna, it’s not cheep, not simple, and not really for me. I guess my impulsiveness and my wanting for things to be doable as and when I require them, slaps me about the face when this kind of thing. It’s a bit like when i’m presented with the idea of fast food. I want a burger and chips… and wander into a well known chain of fast food places, only to find that, the less i want on my burger, the more i have to engage in conversation with the guy/girl behind the counter, and have to explain that I don’t want all the kak that they stick on the top! I don’t want to answer questions. I want to be able to pay, take my food, and go. In 5 mins. lol.


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