Early Birthday treat suggestions

Ok you avid blog readers… I know you’ve had hours of fun perusing my waffling and psychoanalysing me from it. Now it’s your turn to give back! lol… Kop your eyes around these!


lol… they are to be found RIGHT HERE and would fit me a treat!

Ok ok… i know.. it’s the thought that counts! lol. Anyway… Currently all is quiet here on the western front. Having woken up with E at silly o’clock, made tea (or what they call tea over here… *ducks swiftly*) and me coffee, the chances of sleep returning were limited, so instead trawled the net in search of lello bars!
Had to chuckle on Saturday… we were ambling around the local shops (for local people) and Esther spies a sapphire ring n points saying… "Would Glenda like that?" lol… It’s like she has a voice, from 13,000 miles away.. in my ear! Still, I suppose i should be glad that sapphire rings represent having a boy, and not a pearl necklace lol….. ahem… Had a couple more pics of Jack over the last few days, including one in a school uniform. Looked so much older. tis hard to believe its now 5 years since I was there. Or rather, not there, as they’re in NZ now. Wonder how he’s dealing with the cold? And lack of bitey things?

Seems there is a ninpo jutsu (ninjitsu) school in Leiden, or at least, very near by. Might be worth a nosey. Must’ve been 99ish when i last trained with Alfredo in Crewe and Sandbach. Hopefully the reception would be better than the one i got from the wing chun dojo, where no-one spoke to me at all to even establish i didn’t speak the language! I was just pointed at, and then gestured to join in with what can only be described as a completely bonkers warm up for half an hour. In the end I wandered away. That’s not the environment I want to train in, where there is no communication or at least an attempt at introductory etiquette.

Right… it’s early… too early for essays.. lol.. so am away!

Viva Las Vegas lol

AARRG!!! One extra thing… it seems the band UFO…. of the song Doctor Doctor fame… were originally called Hocus Pocus! Noooo..! I can see John in the DJ box now! And.. yes.. it’s in my head…. Damn you John and Focus, (I at least now understand why, Focus being dutch, they chose to do a song without lyrics, heheh), and the Gifford too. That song is the devils work! Hocus Pocus should never be used in the same environment as Doctor Doctor!! lol.  *trundles away humming it ….. aaaaargg!*


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