Neglected Blog!

Ok ok… I know. Its now mid Feb and I’ve not updated this for some time.. so here goes!

All is good! Been to Rotterdam Zoo, and seen snakes lizards penguins and rays, amongst other delights!  Esther has got her promotion, (congratulations!!! whooo hoo!) which completely wipes out the job worry issues, and opens up all kinds of possibilities. Pretty much all is peachy! I’ve grabbed some "listen repeat learn" mp3’s for  Dutchquest AAW which, if nothing else, is causing some amusement as i wander the streets saying simple dutch phrases to no-one in particular on the way to buy skanky milk for the woman! That is of course up until they spot the lello barred trainers, upon which they will likely attempt to imitate me, in the hope that they too could oneday own something so spectacularly cool! lol.

Seems spring is attempting to come early. Swans which we think were the ones nesting here last year are back, and although the water has a tendency to freeze at night they don’t seem to mind the cold bum! Snowdrops n crocuses are all out and about and generally the place feels fresh. Reminds me of how I felt last year coming here. Invigorating!

It is different here. Lots of things are still odd. It still baffles me that only two of Esthers "friends" have visited her in our new house, where we’ve now been for nine months, and indeed her mum n dad’ve only been once, and sister not at all. But then i think about me in Wolves. I went up to Crewe many a time and not one of my so called friends from there found their way to me. Not my idea of what friends are like to each other, but hey, what do I know? What I do know is, we’re always made welcome in the two pubs we bob into occasionally, and friends are there to be made. My life has changed though, in that I guess I don’t need the release any more which I used to get going out and drinking 9 pints and snogging some random lass. I am content, and sitting in of an evening is not something I do wishing that I could afford to be somewhere else, rather, its a choice to be somewhere I enjoy.

Hmm… lol…  and on that note… tis off to the shower! But, as a gift to you, the reader… another pic. This was the view from our window two nights back. Pretty huh?

our evening sky


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