New Year

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Well… seems it is 2008! Another year gone, a new one starting. So, with this blog, I’ll start with a few thanks. First big shouts go out out to Les and Ju. Between the pair of you, you kept me sane in the beginning of the year when the world seemed to be conspiring against me. Without your backup.. I doubt I would be where I am now. It’s not forgotten! Les’s hugs and Julia’s enthusiastic drinking of tea between lav irrigations while humming such delicate ditty’s as Screamager, were a constant reminder that altruism not only exists, but is rampant and abounding! Thank you both for putting me up, and indeed, putting up with me! I should also add I’m mighty pleased to hear a certain young man is progressing well in his studies, although his mother claims at times she sees rather too much of my influence there! I’m sure neither of us have a clue as to what she is alluding to! hehe!

Secondly, a bellow not unlike that emitted by the "Trio!!" ad girl, goes across the ether to sis Su(..zie…*grudgingly* lol) and her family. If anyone can relate to the idea of the transition needed to go from being a long way from home, to actually being home, whalst (oh ok then whilst!) geographically staying in the same place, tis her n hers. Home isn’t just a place, it’s a state of mind.

On the subject of homes, seems Glenda made it back to hers this year with Jack. I’ve known for some time she’s wanted to head back to Nz, so can only hope that now she’s there things start to go as she wants them. Their progress is never far from my thoughts.

A yell too, to my old partner in crime, or at least in playing Super Trouper incessantly!! Prosperity for the new year to you n yours with ample helpings of pie, (mmm pie?), smoked kippers for breakfast, and bears in the back garden!

And.. lastly, but not leastly, (leastly? sounds good but screams error at me in huge red wiggly underlineyness), Esther. Seems we got through 2007 unscathed. Tis not that long ago we said good bye on an airport that I can’t pronounce and wondered… when will we two meet again? Fog, Finance other F’ing things were just a few of the many constraints and obstacles which could have made either of us say "So long and thanks for all the Fish.." err ahem lol… and to be fair, I think we were both prepared for that eventuality initially. Prepared, but not resigned. Time passed. We grew. Possibilities arose. Obstacles were negotiated.
Seems a long time since we sat in the old place discovering that yes, the sofa will fit through the window! I was glad that, in my first time in our new place, I was able to contribute. Make a palpable difference, and one that impacted upon us positively. Tis funny. I’m glad in a way I got to be in the old place, and help with the move out. Transitions seem to have been the order of the year. I’m glad I got to share Crewe, the Gifford and other aspects of the UK with you too. To see what was me.. my world… etc and what’s shaped  me, or at least some aspects of it. Fish singing Sugar Mice, and John playing suspicious songs…

And now your home… so I shall save this…. make you Tea… kiss you hello.. and point you to the statements above about "home" as I welcome you back to what promises to be ours for some time to come.

Here’s to 2008 people! Slainte Mhath!

alistair wiseman


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