A few more pics

Ok.. i seem to have been very lax in updating this. All is fine here. The language study is happening, albeit very slowly. Demoralisation sounds like it should be quite a liberating experience but i’m thinking the people who invented my native language didn’t think about the word’s construct when attributing the meaning!

Anyway.. I’ve added a couple more pics of the world here. The keets seem to have returned for the winter and are making their presence felt, much to the cats annoyance. Much like the cat next door used to tease Tess the old dog by sitting just out of reach, the keets seem to know they are safe, and sit and squawk their defiance through beaks full of nuts!

Fred may well have followed me here too. Only a couple of days ago furniture had been moved noticeably and with neither of us claiming responsibility that only leaves one explanation lol!

St Nicks here is done and dusted pretty much. There’s a nice little kerfuffle going on about the workers for Sinterklaas (hense the english Santa Claus) all being black faced, and the slavery issue from years ago, which has been neatly tied up with the idea that, of course they’ll have black faces, what with all the soot in chimneys lmao! That… is very reasonable! In the uk i still don’t think the portrayal would be allowed, (think of the robertsons golly) however, I love the fact that in League of Gents xmas special, all the helpers are white dwarfs and the Santa character is Papa Lazarou, complete with blackened face!

Seems amazing that this will be the second xmas spent in Holland. The time has vamooshed! Been well over 6 months that i’ve been here fully. To be fair, there’s not much which i miss about the uk. I guess the culture of watching the footy with people both for and against the team, along with the socialising incorporated with it, used to be quite a kick.  The game would often take second place to the banter! However, here, I get all the games! Esther seems not to flinch at my sometimes colourful metaphors employed as descriptives, and my vehemence is greeted with good humour, which is really exactly what it is, after all, it’s only a game…..! That said, the footy was really the only proper social scene i was involved in. Curiously I did enjoy the early starts with Ju in the lead up to coming here, but that wasn’t exactly social. It was a means to an end, made better by working with someone who i knew inside out and enjoyed working with, plus of course the musicAl accompaniment from my phone, now sadly, if not deceased, then dormant! Tis funny how clearing out loo’s can be made better by the dulcet tones of Therapy or Carter.. or indeed someone proffering the idea that Green Dresses are Cruel, as the trundlebot raised an eyebrow at the latest selection of undies to be discarded in the ladies! Shoulda sold em on ebay! heh heh.

Anyway..i was adding pics and started waffling. I present, Ducks, Keets, Herons, and a rainbow… which apparently is what a certain Mr Sinterklaas drove through in order to add colour to the no longer allowed black helpers in another original attempt to appease the p.c. lovers everywhere!


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


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