Arrggg! Hocus pocus!!

It is 1.43am. I’m am sat reading Hilldiggers, minding my own business… Esther has a music show on tv.. requests… and suddenly I hear bizzare yodeling, along with the guitar noise, and realise its that time of the night. I look up, and go to curse the grey bearded man up in the pulpit, while wondering why i have no guiness!! Hocus Bloody Pocus! grr…!

OK… aside from that… yes, we made it back from Uk all hunky and dory. (well… i guess E was the dory cos i’m obviously the hunky one! lmao). All was well over there. Trips included the Gifford, a day out in Chester, many a meal and real ale in wetherpoons, a day in Crewe, a day in Birmingham, and a trip to watch Fish! Oh.. and Match of the Day.. a taste of British culture in Britain! lol

Chester was good. Esther had not seen squirrels ever, save for on the tv, and of course there, there are billions of the critters, so she was chuffed! Wandered around the walls, and wound up in a pub for dinner, and had a general chuckle. Lots of walking for her to break in new lello bars! Ooohh.. and she got a scotland rugby shirt too… which looks damned good! lol

Crewe, was Crewe! Got a few pics of the clock, before they demolish it, and a decent large pic of dads grave, which it appears, I know where it is. E picked up T.P’s Making Money… and an Aero… lol… and sat in the wetherspoons where I broke my arm watching the Portsmouth v Reading game go from goal to goal! Oooh… and we had Black Bear mild in the Kings Arms, and I saw Sharon… miss cherry picker

Birmingham was fun too. A giant shiny tit as an attraction, a silly bullring thingy… a shoe shop… (ouch.. lol) home made pies (mmm… pie) real beers again and a biker jacket that tried n failed to be mine!

And Wolves? Well.. the hotel was good in that it did exactly what it said on the tin, although E wouldn’t let me take the towels!! Grr.. The giff was cool. Everyone who was about made Esther feel welcome, we had a good indian meal in The Standard, Sonya and Yeti were cool, and Fish was very good. Lots of songs inc Slainte Mhath, Warm wet circles, Incommunicado, and an emotional Sugar Mice.

Flights and transport were easy, infact the most stressfull thing was catching cats before we left! We get back, there’s a digibox waiting along with black adidas x comp trainers with a big ole lello bar in the sole (possibly african cousin of already pictured ones?). Any longer there, I think would’ve been overdoing it. Certain things were nice, like the beer and the instant food within 5mins walk, but none essential. Tis simple really. Buy and prepare before hand and then these things are not needed. Still seems odd here that you can’t buy certain things in a supermarket… but its horses for courses. The culture here is different, and I can’t help but think maybe thats a good thing.

And now.. back home, I have my sofi number. Another legal thing sorted. As far as I’m aware I can now stay here indefinitely (i can hear the hyperventilation on the sofa from here lol), so all is sorted. I have my comics and books still in the Uk, but having not had them actually in my possession since 2003, I can’t exactly miss them any more. It felt like good-bye. And here, feels like home. Which maybe makes good-byes easier? I don’t know. What I do know is I don’t envisage hitting UK soil again for a long time.

Ok.. time to add some uk trip pics and make an album.

*trundles of humming… "you gotta go, where, you, can, shine."*


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