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Ok… have been neglecting this for a while so I guess I should update.

All is well in this little corner of the world. E is off work for a couple of weeks and we’re going to head out to the Uk for a swift nosey about, quite possibly my final good-bye as it were to Crewe and/or England. Will be showing E the sights of Crewe and Nantwich so that she can at least have an idea about how and where I grew up. They’re demolishing Big Bill, which just seems bizarre to me, so it will be nice to actually get a picture of how it was and store it away somewhere. Nantwich will also be a chuckle. Black and White buildings galore, one of which i worked in, another I lived in for a while. Plus there’s the beer, the Gif in wolves, The Limelight, and various other things to have shufti at, not to mention the Fish concert!

Legal side of being here is nearly sorted, just a sofi number and a stamp on the passport it seems, and then that’s it.The laguage side still isn’t happening. Its difficult to not be disillusioned with it, but I’m told it’ll come, so onwards and upwards with that I shall go.

House here is just about done. A few additions as garnish maybe might find their way about, but the major stuff is sorted. Took a personal victory over the electrics, which were initially trying desperately not to allow us to get the main new light working, but sheer willpower and bloody mindedness took over so that when E came home from work, all was present and correct! Was actually quite pleased as, having paid out for a good / interesting light thingy, only to have it not work, was annoying, and for me not to be able to get it to work, was a bash to my pride. I tend not to like things getting the better of me, or rather, I tend not to ALLOW it.. lol. It felt like the lights had done that, and they sat and laughed at me for nearly a week… until… lol. Anyway, they got done, and I did it, and was suitably smug afterwards. It felt good that E could come home to it being done too.

Converted E to Boston Legal! lol. Series 3 is slowly being watched, along with House 3 too! Two of the prog’s I’d go out of my way to watch in the uk are here, in one format or another! Thinks like that help with the change of home. Plus the football is pretty much always about somewhere. I’ve seen all the Arsenal games, and both the Scotland games, (lmao top of the group with the two world cup finalists in it… smirks), and esther actually enjoys them too. I begrude the 4.40euros a pint cost..  (that’s 3squid a pint!) but the upside is I drink less, but with E watching the games too it costs a chunk to see it. Might be more economical to get the sports channel?

Actually, the tv system here is weird. Difficult to explain, there’s a box type thing you run the lead from, to the tv, which apparently opens the amount of channels out from 4 i think, to about 32, but… if you wish to change channels, you change the tv channel, there is no set top box / decoder to aim a remote at and change the channel on. What seems to be happening is, the tv’s here have their own version of like a built in freeview, but initially these channels are not available. To get them, you need something between the aerial and the tv, which must broaden the aerials reception capabilities, but then they charge you a fixed fee for the privilege. Then, if you want digital tv, you have to buy a set top box thingy like the uk’s one, but the subscription to the channels costs less for sports etc, but there’s still a good initial fee to fork out! But… there’s no license fee, which pretty much compensates this! Confused? Me too!

Right… Boston Legal calls… as does a vodka n coke… so.. until next time!


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