Hits 11078? Now thats what i call music!

Hmmm.. Since Feb this has picked up again! 11078 hits now and counting. Thats 1500 views in 120 days, but i’ve only done a few entries, and as it shows up on Msn if I’ve added stuff, I can only conclude its non-msn contacts who are looking!

Need to give out a shout to Mike… you mailed me via here but didnt leave a way to contact you back. Mail me properly you crazy lovesick fool or there’s no Electric Six action for you!

Getting stuck into the language suite! A years worth of college work, done in speech recognition, written, and audio format. Am thinking  that understanding what’s said to me will be far easier than articulating back, and writing will be initially harder still, although once i get the rules, it should be easier. Usually if i’ve done it twice, i remember.

In a homage to my youth I grabbed the 4 Phantasm films yesterday… and also managed to catch the last couple of episodes of House Series 3, which has kinda left me wondering whats next, and.. if there will BE a next. Amused to here Highway to Hell pop up.. lmao… oh dear.

Glenda’s texted, telling me Jack’s been giving her looks that are ALL me.. not a trace of her! I cant see it myself… He has her face, chin and general head shape! Mind, i do recall her saying he was miffed at  her oneday and was frowning, so i sent a comparable pic of me and all i got back was incoherent laughter, possibly with a "that’s the bugger" thrown in.

Scrubs hasn’t made it here yet! As in.. its not even available on DVD! Yet League of Gents is?? Seems my anti racism Arsenal shirt has found a new owner! Hmmmff! Actually, thinking about it now, that shirt may well be only just a little smaller than one which used to be large, but found its way into a boil wash! Hmmm! The plot thickens!

Oddly, the phone E was letting me use for my voda-dutch sim  seems to hurt my head! As in, really hurt it! Has done it since i started to use it so have swoped to an old gx10i which is nice, cos i used to work with them many moons ago.

Right, the outside world is calling me! What’s good looking and doesn’t speak the lingo?

Oidhche mhath

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