Progress Report!

So.. all is good. Am settled, still awaiting a bike, and neither poisoned nor bopped on the head with a skillet by Esther, so thats gotta bode well for the future!

The house, is starting to take shape. What once looked like it was recently hit by an american friendly fire missile, now appears to look like ts liveable inable! A small jungle has appeared in one room, and vast amounts of space in in the main one.

So.. now i embark on learning the language. Its gonna be fun. I need to suss out exactly how to get stuff stuck into my head. Association learning is my style.. far better than repetition.

I also need to learn where i am! Hence the need for a bike. Yes i know people can speak English and direct me, but.. i dont want to be directed. I want to know i can go out.. drink a couple of chickens, (no.. i’m not turning into Ozzy), and then come home, under my own steam. Am awaiting a sim card too, so i have a local sim, for local people? Cos i’m local now? lol.

Oooooohh.. and there are herons everywhere, and even better.. parakeets!! A small flock of ringnecks have taken up residence! Impressed..? You betcha!

Right.. some pics.. before and after! lol.


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